Amanda and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met on my very first day of high school. I was barely 15 years old and was more than nervous to be starting my sophomore year with so many new people. I had Spanish class third period and quickly noticed a guy at the table next to me looking over at my paper for our class warm-up. It didn’t take long before the guy who I thought was cheating off of my paper became a great a friend and quite honestly the thing I looked forward to most about that class and school in general. Michael was 17 and it was his Senior year. I quickly discovered that he was in a relationship with a nice girl who I knew from my Junior High School. Upon learning this, I tried to dismiss my feelings for him yet, still enjoyed our friendship. Shortly after the first week of class, Michael was moved from his table group next to mine, to my table group. We sat at the same table group the rest of the year, bonding over our love for Ford vehicles, America, and other similarities. One day, I came to school and heard a rumor that Michael and his girlfriend had broken up. Once third period came along, he confirmed that yes, it was true. Over the next few weeks I wanted to express my hidden feelings for Michael, but never got the courage to. There was also the unfortunate factor that I was not old enough to date per my parent’s rules.

Time went by and then I heard that he was seeing someone new. My little 15-year-old heart sank as I realized I missed my opportunity and would need to bury my feelings once again. Nothing of our friendship changed though, other than feeling he was one of my best friends (as best you can be for never communicating outside of school). Then the day came for Michael to graduate. Although he would attend a college about 2 hours from home, I was very sad and did not think I would ever see him again. The day before his graduation I was able to get my first photo with him that I saved in multiple emails and devices to ensure I’d never lose or forget the person who made my first year of high school so memorable. Flash forward a whole year later. Michael started working at a store in our town that I shopped at frequently. I was thrilled that he was home and working at a place where I could be found more than once a week. For the next two years, I would see Michael most times when I would go to the store. Some days he could only say hi and be on his way and other times we would walk a few aisles and talk while I got what I came for. The summer following my freshman year of college, I signed up to play on a co-ed softball team with a couple friends from high school, my sister, her husband, and some of the friend’s co-workers; Michael being one of them. We practiced on Sundays, and I would usually leave a little early to make it to my college aged church group. According to Michael, he made an attempt or two to come with me to church.

I was so used to us just being friends, and quite honestly, thinking that he was still dating the girl from the end of his senior year of high school, that I never caught on to his gestures. That summer I was taking night classes at a local college. One night while driving there, I decided to stop and see my parents at their business which was just down the street. While waiting to get in the turn lane, I noticed Michael ahead of me turning into the same business complex, but to go to the Gun store. I pulled around the building and got out to say hi to him. As we stood and talked briefly, I remember feeling so shocked and confused because I thought he was flirting with me. He asked for my number and said he’d like to take me shooting sometime. The next morning, I woke up to find a text asking me to hangout, not 16 hours after I ran into him. Still shocked by our encounter the night before, I decided to go for it and spent the best afternoon at the River and eating messy hamburgers with the guy who won my heart the first time I saw him in Spanish class.

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how they asked

Saturday, July 15, 2017 would be 3 years since our first date. The night before, Michael mentioned to me that he wanted to come over in the afternoon and go do something fun then get dinner. As I went to sleep that night, excited to sleep in, I had no idea of the day that was to come. I woke up in the morning and had a pretty bad headache that after trying to get ready for the day, prompted me to retreat back to bed for some Grey’s Anatomy and maybe a couple more Zzz’s. Around 11, my door opened and my best friend Emily was walking towards my bed, followed by my two little sisters and mom with cameras. Very confused and excited to see my bff, I asked what was going on and she handed me a letter. The letter was from Michael. It explained how he had a fun day planned out for me and to be ready to see important places and people to us, and how much he loves me. After getting ready for my day adventure, I had breakfast with my mom, sisters and friend Emily, before we departed for the day.

For our first stop, Emily drove me to the high school where Michael and I met in Spanish class. His Mom and Dad were there waiting to see me with a rose and letter describing his view from our time in class together. Off we went to stop #2 where my older sister and her husband awaited us. I received another rose and letter describing when we ran into each other at a business complex and when he asked for my number. Stop #3 was at the River where we went on our first date. Michael’s younger sister, her boyfriend, and his cousin were waiting for me there with a rose and letter about our first date. Stop #4 was the drive-in where we ate very good, but messy hamburgers on our first date (still one of our favorite places). Here, Michael’s older brother and his wife greeted me with a rose and a letter about our first time there. Stop #5 led us back to my hometown movie theater where my two younger sisters were waiting with a rose and letter. Here we had our second date, accompanied by my sisters, and held hands for the first time. Stop #6 was back to my house to see my mom for a rose and letter where Michael and I had our first kiss following our date to the movies. Stop #7 was to downtown Seattle to a very fancy restaurant that Michael took me to, two weeks after our first date.

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There, his best friend and my childhood best friend waited at a table with fancy lattes to sip on while they gave me a rose and letter about our special date here and the first time he told me I was beautiful. After this, Emily and I took my childhood bff Shafina with us and were going to drive home to “change.” In a panic we ended up stopping at the mall and found me a new dress in under 30 minutes. Back to my house we went to change and no sooner were we out the door again. We headed into one of the local waterfront towns to a restaurant on the water. When we pulled in to park I was escorted to a side walk along the restaurant that led to a dock. I could see Michael standing at the end looking so incredibly handsome, I had to stop walking and take a few moments to collect myself from the amazing whirlwind of a day and seeing my person waiting at the end of a dock with a gorgeous sunset behind him. Emily and Shafina walked hand-in-hand with me down to the beginning of the dock until I walked to Michael.

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Apparently, I looked like I was going to pass out because after saying many beautiful things to me, he looked at me and asked “Are you ready?” before getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. Through the tears I said yes, as boats honked their horns and people along the shore line cheered.

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I turned around to see both of our families there watching along the shore. This was easily the most favorite day of my life!

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