Amanda and Michael

Image 1 of Amanda and Michael

How We Met

We actually met through an online dating app. We spoke on the phone and texted over a few days and connected really well. One month later we set our first date.

We met up for dinner and a scary movie. I’ll never forget the first hug he ever gave me as I walked up to him. It was tight, warm, and comforting. We’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

Michael proposed at my favorite hidden spot on the beach at the beautiful Terranea Resort. I was to meet him there that evening. There he was waiting inside a candle-lined heart in the sand while one of my favorite Coldplay songs played: Amazing Day, and it definitely was. As I walked down the steps towards him onto the beach, tears and that big smile filled his adorable face. I was crying as well of course walking over to him and then we hugged each other.

Image 2 of Amanda and Michael

At that moment we soaked in that feeling you’ll get off, “This is it”. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for since the day we met, this is how it’s supposed to feel. Natural and comforting, emotional and safe.

He pulled out a full two pages worth of his entire speech so he wouldn’t forget what to say, it was too funny and cute, just like he is.

He then recited Every. Single. Proposal. Monologue. from each of my favorite characters of my favorite shows/movies that I would watch over and over as a kid and as an adult just dreaming and crying along hoping that one day, someone would say those words to me.

Image 3 of Amanda and Michael

I said Yes to each proposal, and then it was time for his.

He kneeled down on one knee, and pulled out the custom created ring that I designed and popped the question. I couldn’t say ‘Yes’ fast enough. As we had our moment, his hidden photographer captured all of it.

Special Thanks

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