Amanda and Michael

How We Met

We met almost 8 years ago at a mutual friends house party. I was 18 and he was 20. We started dating 6 weeks later on 4/21/11.

How They Asked

I’ve been asking Mikey to see the NYC Christmas tree for weeks, we go every year. Two days ago, on a Tuesday afternoon, he tells me he has to work late (he works in midtown) and asked if I wanted to see the tree after we both get out of work. Thinking nothing of it, I said sure – It’ll be cold but less crowded than on a weekend. I met him in midtown, as we walked to the tree we stopped in other stores along the way. After making it to the tree he kept pacing back and forth. I said we can leave now, I only wanted to see the tree, we don’t have to stay long. We usually have friends come with us, so he said we should ask someone to take a picture. I found a couple who looked like they were looking for the same thing. As I walked towards the tree, Mikey whispered something to the couple. Then before I knew it, the rest of our lives began.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree