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How We Met

Mike: I’m a teacher, and for the first few months of the 2014 school year, another teacher, Stephanie, continuously asked me if I wanted to meet her sister Amanda. Every time I was in her classroom she would tell me random facts about her sister Amanda and would end the conversation by saying, “You should really date my sister.” One day all of the teachers were talking about coffee and Steph turned to me and said, “Hey, my sister likes coffee, you should take her out on a coffee date!” Another day I was talking about how I like to bake, which of course Steph said, “Oh my sister bakes; you should take her out on a date!” (Amanda and I currently have a small baking business out of our home now!) In another conversation with Steph, I found out that Amanda also skis and I am an avid snowboarder. It was then that I really thought, WOW, this girl does sound pretty cool, so I gave my number to Steph.

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A few days later, Stephanie came to work and told me that her sister would be coming to the school today to observe her classroom. At the time, Amanda was in college studying to be a teacher and needed observations hours for her degree. When I brought my students into Steph’s classroom I saw Amanda helping one of the students. I walked over to her and we talked for the entire period. When I got out of work that day, Amanda had already texted me and we texted the whole night.

Two days later we went out on our first date to the bowling alley. We sat at the bar talking first and she was drinking a Blue Moon. Because we were having too much fun getting to know each other, we missed our bowling time slot. When we finally did bowl Amanda won and I swear I didn’t let her! After a long night, I finally got home at 3 AM, and the first thing I did was call my friend Dave and said: “I’m going to marry this girl.”

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how they asked

Amanda: Mike and I plan an annual trip down to Disney with our siblings and our friends Bill and Jenna for the Food and Wine Festival. This year was our third year going. The morning after we arrived, my sister Stephanie and I met up with Jenna and her daughter Olivia and we all traveled to the Magic Kingdom together. Olivia had an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and we were all very excited! Olivia was transformed into the beautiful Princess Aurora (my favorite princess!!) and the beauticians even sprinkled a little Pixie Dust on Jenna, Stephanie, and I. We all left feeling a little more magical than before and were ready to meet up with the rest of our party. As we were walking past the castle we spotted them in a courtyard off to the side of the castle.

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While meeting up, Jenna mentioned that this might be a great area to take photos with the castle in the background, although she suggested we take couple photos first. As the photographer began taking photos of Mike and me, I suddenly felt him pull away and reach into his pocket. As I watched him get down on one knee, tears welled up in my eyes and I felt as if I was in a fairytale (so much so that I kept asking Mike if this was really happening).

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After saying YES!! to our Happily Ever After, I turned to face everyone and I noticed my parents, Mike’s parents, AND my friend Diana all magically standing there as well. They had been watching through the bushes the whole time! As everything is in Disney, it truly was MAGICAL!

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