Amanda and Michael

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How We Met

We may not be High School sweetheart’s but you could call us college sweethearts. We met during Amanda’s freshman year of college and Michael’s junior year. The funny thing is we didn’t even go to the same school, but we were both involved in Greek life and were members of a sorority and fraternity. It’s crazy how the paths you choose to take in life lead you to what’s meant for you. Joining our organizations was the best thing we ever did because it led us to each other. A boy from Queens and a girl from Staten Island united and worked on our relationship every day. If you’re a New Yorker you know about the boroughs and that traveling from Staten Island to Queens (vice versa) with public transportation is quite a trip! It involves a bus, a boat, and a train or sometimes trains. The love we had for each other made that travel feel like nothing. We met our soulmate at a fairly young age and could not be any happier to create and continue to make memories sharing our lives with each other.

How They Asked

We met on December 21st, we first kissed on February 21st, and we made our relationship official on July 21st, so it was only fitting we ran with the 21st theme. Michael proposed on November 21st, it was a beautiful fall day as we strolled through Central Park. Michael had this planned for months, he would often come to the park after work planning the perfect location to pop the question. He came across Bow Bridge, which is a location that unites lovers. He planned for a photographer & videographer to be there so we could capture this special moment forever. Amanda had no idea it was coming other than the fact of how strange Michael had been acting the past week, asking if she would be wearing mascara and to pose together in the mirror. On that beautiful Saturday we walked hand in hand until we came upon the bridge, Michael then told Amanda he wanted to take a selfie by the water. The photographer nearby offered to take a photo for us and told us to take one with our backs to each other, when Amanda turned around, Michael was down on one knee. Of course Amanda said yes, and we were greeted with an eruption of cheers from the people on Bow Bridge. Afterwards we took professional photos and took a yellow taxi to dinner. We got to soak in that moment together, and ended the night where it all began, the South Street Seaport where Michael asked Amanda to be his girlfriend. It was an all around New York proposal and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. This city is our heart.

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Special Thanks

Victor Nechay
 | Photographer
Victor Nechay
 | Videographer