Amanda and Micah

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How We Met

Our story began in August 2013 when we met during a college ministry outing. We were on the college campus that we were both attending that upcoming fall semester, and had a few mutual friends. I was attracted to Micah’s beard + hipster v-neck style, and saw he was talking with one of said mutual friends, so I went over to get in on the conversation. At that time, I very boldly shook his hand and introduced myself, and he was glad to make a new acquaintance. After that, I dropped as many hints as possible to make it obvious that I was interested. He missed most of them, but after a couple months it was becoming more clear that things were getting real. It was kind of hard for me to figure out whether or not that he had feelings for me too because he is incredibly kind and caring person to everyone he meets. I had no clue if our times together were just politeness or if he was feeling something for me too. That was until the hayride that we took together in October 2013. He hugged me tight and asked me if it was obvious that he liked me, and it FINALLY was. The rest is history. We have been together for 3 years and counting.

how they asked

For a few months prior, my mother had been saying how she thought my sister would be coming to visit us sometime in October/November. We usually only see her around the holidays, so I was excited to spend some special non-holiday time for a weekend. The week leading up to the proposal, I found out she would be coming the following weekend – which happened to be over my sister’s birthday. My mother told me that we would be having dinner at The Buttonwood Grille (Lahaska, PA) on the Friday night she’d arrive at 7:30pm. Micah was invited to come as well.
On Friday, November 4th, I’d had a normal day at work in Valley Forge, and although I was tired after a long week, I was excited to go to dinner with my family and enjoy time together. When walked through the door, all of my family was home. Everybody was dressed up + looked nice for our lovely little family outing together. I didn’t care much about what I was wearing (this is a clear sign that I had no clue what I would be walking into in the next couple hours), and didn’t even bother to change into anything ‘nicer’. I didn’t even bother to take my hair out of the infamous top knot I always put it in. It was a casual night for me. We left a little later than I expected we would to get to our reservation on time.

This made us get to the restaurant only a couple minutes late. I’d had Micah call the restaurant to make sure that they didn’t give our table away. I heard the hostess giggle a little bit on the phone when he called, but I thought nothing of it. When we arrived at the restaurant, I was a bit frazzled by the drive – in a bit of a Negative Nancy mood due to some quarreling over driving directions (Waze app is always right, I promise). I walked into that restaurant with steam coming out of my ears (I was more than a bit frazzled) and Micah made the suggestion that I go to the bathroom to cool down. Little did I know that he wanted to stall me so that things could get set up in the downstairs room. I did not go to the bathroom to calm down. I pushed past everyone trying to keep me from following the hostess to our table – DUH! – and walked down the stairs to where our table was.

The first thing I saw was my best friend standing at the head of the table holding a rose. She was supposed to be spending the evening with her boyfriend – what was she doing at family dinner? Then I saw Micah’s family standing around the table holding roses as well.

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I stood bewildered as I watched my family (who had been unable to get set in their places) pick roses and hold them. Then one by one, they each handed me their rose until I had a bouquet in my hands. Then Micah came to me, said some sweet words, and proposed right there – with our families to support us – my dream come true.
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