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How we Met: I will never forget the day that I met Matt. It was Cinco de Mayo back in 2010, and that night some of my girlfriends and I drove from Raleigh to Chapel Hill to celebrate one of their friend’s birthdays. The second that I walked into the restaurant I caught sight of the tan, dark haired, brown eyed boy in the blue button down (I’m a sucker for guy in a collard shirt!) sitting at the end of the table. For the first time in my life I felt a million little butterflies flying around in my stomach, and I can honestly say that no guy has EVER gave me that feeling before. Looking back, I think this is when I realized that this man would ultimately change my life for the better, forever. And there just so happened to be an empty chair next to Matt that night, so obviously you know where I took a seat…

The Proposal: Fast forward 4 1/2 years later — after the million times that we were asked, “When are you getting married?!” by our friends and family, we finally got engaged on Friday, August 28th, 2015.

This past summer Matt and I were doing the paleo diet and had been eating extremely healthy, so when he had asked me earlier that week if I wanted to go to one of our favorite restaurants for chicken parmesan I neither hesitated nor thought it was strange that he would suggest this — Matt’s absolute favorite dish is chicken parm, specifically from Mama Ricotta’s, which is where we went that evening. Throughout dinner he was so calm, which is why I think that I never caught on to this plan he had been working on for months. And if you know Matt, when he gets anxious about something he is very antsy and doesn’t stop shaking his leg, and he was doing neither. As we were wrapping up dinner the waitress came over to box our food and had asked us if we were interested in dessert, and before I could even say a word Matt blurted out, “No, we’ll just take the check, please”. At this point, I was thoroughly confused. We had decided that this was cheat night, and no dessert!? Okay 1. No one passes up Mama Ricotta’s infamous Nutella pie, and 2. Yolo, am I right?

Mama Ricotta’s is located near a shopping plaza in uptown Charlotte that has several retail stores, restaurants and bars, so as we were leaving dinner Matt had asked me if I wanted to walk to West Elm. I am sure he figured would be an easy sell, but anyone who has endured humidity in North Carolina in the month of August knows that you want to spend as little time as possible walking around outside (hello, afro) especially in uncomfortable heels! Even though the last thing I wanted to do was walk a half mile and sweat, I reluctantly agreed to walk over to West Elm because he did just treat me to a nice dinner.

We crossed the street and walked into Midtown Park, where we had taken numerous walks and bike rides before, so again, I was not thrown off by this because this is a walk that we often take. Matt grabs my hand and starts leading us through a pergola in the park towards a large, silver ball that we like to call the “Fake Bean” — Matt had previously lived in Chicago and every time I went to visit him I would make him take me to the Bean in Millennial Park! As we get closer to the “fake bean” Matt turns to me and has this extremely serious look on his face and asks me in the sweetest voice if I knew how many days that he’s loved me – and I, completely speechless, cannot even get a word out and shake my head no because I knew exactly what was about to happen! Next thing I know he is on his knee asking me to marry him, and I awkwardly kneel down to the ground while crying and wrap my arms around him — I’m not even sure if I actually said “Yes!”. I then hear a camera flash in the background and turn around to find one of my best friends, Janna, had flown in from Ohio and was staking out in the bushes and taking pictures. At this point I am crying and hysterically laughing all at the same time, because I cannot believe that the love of my life just got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and that my best friend had come all that way to capture it on film!

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We then facetimed both of our parents to share the exciting news, and decided to get drinks uptown at my favorite rooftop bar, Fahrenheit, to celebrate. We arrive at the restaurant and the hostess takes us outside to our “table” where I am completely surprised by 20 of our best and closest friends that had traveled from all over the U.S.! After I am done being completely dramatic and hysterical (I blame it on the several moscow mules) — my fiancé and I celebrated all weekend long with the people we love the most. Other than our wedding day, I am not sure if we will ever have a night that will top the evening that Matt proposed, because as far as we are concerned August 28th was absolutely the BEST night of our entire lives!

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