Amanda and Matt

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Shenandoah National Park

How We Met

When I was in college I decided to do a lot of online classes so I spent most of my time at Starbucks doing school work from there. (Side story, I would always dress cute and my best friend asked me why and I remember saying “because I’m going to meet my husband here”) so anyway, after going to Starbucks daily I started to notice this barista who was such a cutie!

I would try to think of ways to talk to him and always find a reason to go up to the bar more than once. We would start striking up conversations more and more as time went by and eventually he got the picture that I was interested in and asked me for my number. We went on our first date and starting dating from then!

How They Asked

Flash forward 3 years (and many highs and lows) we took a trip to DC to visit some friends! We decided to go to Shenandoah National Park one of the days. It was such a beautiful drive but I was starting to get tired and knew we still had a hike ahead of us.

We finally get to our hiking destination and I’m tired and cold and definitely not in the mood for it! The whole way up I’m complying how I can’t breathe and that I’m not a quitter but I might pass out (LOL) thankfully it wasn’t as long as I thought and we finally make it to the top! The view was absolutely breathtaking, so we decided to take pictures.

My boyfriend was saying “let’s do different poses” so for one of them he got behind me and then told me to turn around and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! I definitely didn’t expect it, especially because we were in a different state and didn’t think he’d take a ring all the way there. It was such a beautiful proposal and I’m so thankful for the way our proposal went. Best day ever!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Shenandoah National Park