Amanda and Mathew

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How We Met

Mathew and I met briefly through mutual friends in high school. By the time we met again, I was a single, young mother in university, living with that same mutual friend from years earlier. Over the following year, we spent a lot of time with our small friend group. Mat and I developed a very close friendship, spending late nights chatting and afternoons adventuring with my tiny daughter while both battling through work and school at opposite universities.

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One night, we attended a group Christmas party. The night was spent drinking, laughing, tree decorating and playing games. Later in the evening, we were conversating with friends when, with no warning or prior indications, he kissed me. I was immediately taken aback but since that day we’ve been inseparable! There is nothing easier than being in love with your best friend.

how they asked

Mathew asked me to marry him immediately after the birth of our third child! I was laying in the hospital bed, looking at my sweet son who had been born no more than five minutes earlier. The moment the nurses gave us a moment alone, he popped down on one knee and asked me to make the next step in our lives with our beautiful family. As if I wasn’t emotional enough!