Amanda and Matheus

How We Met

July 12, 2014 – The Day We Met, and on this day, in his sister’s basement apartment in uptown Toronto, Matheus and I laid eyes upon each other, and at this moment, we both felt what they call “Love At First Sight”

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Let’s start off by saying on this night it was meant to be a night where guys and gals got to meet and hang out, technically, I was meant to be matched up with another guy and Matheus with another girl, well to our luck, the guy that was meant for me was not at all someone I liked, and the girl meant for him didn’t show up! (THANK YOU FOR NOT SHOWING UP!)

It was indeed, 100000% love at first sight, the moment he walked through the door I thought to myself “oh my god, I am going to marry this guy one day” and then I was like “wow okay Amanda relax, you literally just met him.” Turns out, Matheus saw me and thought the exact same thing, he was secretly hoping that it wouldn’t work out with the guy I was supposed to be matched up with. (which it didn’t WOOHOO)

For those of us who did show up, we went to go play Pool at a local pub. Matheus and I spent the ENTIRE night talking to each other. It felt as though we had known each other for years, I had never felt so comfortable with someone in my entire life. We both smiled from ear to ear as the night went on, when I got home my face felt like it was going to fall off from all the smiling. Now, Matheus is my friend’s BROTHER, so for me that made it incredibly difficult to accept those love at first sight feelings because it wasn’t right to date your friend’s brother? right? But with some reassurance from her that it was okay to get to know each other (obviously I didn’t want to just start flirting with a friend’s brother and not have her be okay with it), then it all began.

We went on numerous dates, went to family functions together, and he even professed his feelings for me at the same place he ended up proposing!

September 27th, 2014 – We Start Dating

He asked me to be his girlfriend on the 27th of September, 2014, he even asked my parents for “permission” to date their daughter prior to asking me. I went to pick him up for a date and he had a shoebox sitting on top of the bed, he asked that I grab it and bring it over to another room for him, as I pick it up little paper cut hearts, chocolates, and a note sit underneath, the note read “Will You Be My Girlfriend?”, I turn around to him holding a dozen red roses and he says, “So, Will You?” I cry and I say yes, OBVIOUSLY!

how they asked

September 1st, 2018. After almost 4 years together (we make 4 years on the 27th of September), he went down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, and this is how it all went down!

Sandhurst Lake has had a special place in our hearts since the beginning of our relationship, before we even started dating, on Labour Day Weekend four years ago, we spent the night in a boat under the stars talking and getting to know each other, and on that exact day he professed his feelings for me, so Matheus thought it was only suitable to start something new here.

Every year on this long weekend camp holds a huge end of summer dance party, we always go to it, we’ve been going to it since 2014, but this year I was feeling sick and I just wanted to stay inside and watch movies, but Matheus insisted we go! (which was definitely strange since he is ALWAYS the one who wants to stay in) it took him about 30 minutes to try and convince me, but he managed, so we went!

We stayed there about two hours, his entire family was with us, and after a little while I noticed his sister and his mom had gone missing (they were setting it all up!) I was considered because his sister was 37 weeks pregnant, I thought she was going into labour or something, so I texted her but she reassured me she was fine she was just tired and her mom just went with her to make sure everything was okay, which is quite a believable story. So after about an hour of dancing Matheus finally wants to head back to the trailer, I was thinking “FINALLY, I am exhausted” and of course it is POURING rain outside and we had no umbrella, so we are 1. Sweating from all the dancing and 2. We had to start running in the pouring rain, now I was contemplating, “okay, should we just stay here, or do we run?” Matheus insisted we run! So we’re running, almost falling on our faces in mud, and we head over to the trailer.

I was not going to wait for him to catch up, so I opened the door and walked in…..

And as I did, I see lit candles all over the floor, the table, and there were at least 100 photos of us laying on the floor and on the walls, and there were rose petals on the floor spelling out “Will you Marry Me.”

The second, THE VERY SECOND, I saw this, I cried, and I cried and I cried. That hyperventilating crying, completely sobbing uncontrollably, you know which kind I’m talking about.

His sister was in the room taking photos and recording the moment for us.

I noticed a card on the couch and as I grab it to read it, Matheus gets down on one ring, opens up the ring box and says “Amanda Marie Melo, Will You Marry Me?”. I said yes, well actually no I didn’t say yes, I said “OF COURSE” and as I said this I dropped down to my knees onto the floor, I embraced him so tightly, and I cried, he cried, and it felt like in that moment I was holding him it was like time stopped, all I could feel is our hearts beating, and this sense of complete and utter happiness. I kiss him and I continue to cry, at this point he reminds me, “Babe look at the ring, look at the ring.”

Now he’s saying this because he spent months meeting and working with DiamondBoi to design me the perfect engagement ring and he wanted me to see and love it, but all I could say was “It’s not about the ring, it’s not about the ring, it’s about us!” and I continue to sob, hug him once more, then after that second embrace I catch my breath and I switch my promise ring to my right hand and he places the most gorgeous engagement ring onto my finger. Again I cry and I cry and he laughs and we kiss, and I finally read his beautiful card that said “Thank you for letting be your sidekick, partner, lover. We started everything at Sandhurst back 4 year ago, and I thought it would be only fair to use here to celebrate another milestone. Our first achievement together, and now we are starting our journey officially.”

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I call my parents SOBBING, they could barely understand what I was saying but they already knew it was happening because he had again, asked them for “permission” for me to be his wife, and not only that, but he told them that “You are not losing a daughter, you are gaining a son” and when he told me that I cried even more and then his mom then comes in and joins us, and we grabbed a bottle of champagne celebrated with his family.

After all this, we return to the trailer put on our favorite love song (Thank you (recorded live at the Esplanade) sang by Chris Cornell) and we slow danced in the middle of candles and roses, and we cried and just embraced.

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Matheus planned the most perfect proposal (with the help of his sister and mom), and created the perfect ring (with the help of DiamondBoi), and he is just so amazing, I am so lucky to get to marry this incredible man! There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe my love for him.

NOW we are officially engaged and planning our wedding and future together and I am beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with this man!