Amanda and Mason

Amanda's Proposal in Shenandoah National Park

How We Met

I was coming home from a weekend trip to visit my family back home when a bad storm delayed my flight back to San Antonio, TX until the next day. I was in a panic because my original plan was to get a ride from the airport from one of my classmates, but with my new flight time I knew they would be in class when I landed. I reached out to another one of my friends who was in the class below me to see if she could give me a ride. She said she had an appointment during that time, but that she would ask around and someone would be there to pick me up at the airport when I landed. I land back in San Antonio, TX late that morning with my hair all a mess, in yoga pants, and a baggy sweatshirt-clearly frazzled after the plane delays. I grab my bags from baggage claim and head to the loading zone where I see the truck that matched the description my friend had told me would be picking me up. As I approach the driver, a handsome guy hops out, offers to take my bags, and opens the door for me. During the drive back to drop me off him and I converse about school, how his move down to Texas went and our failing long distance relationships. When we got back to my house he carried my bag upstairs to my apartment door, I thanked him for picking me up and said farewell. I did not see much of him over those next 2-3 months, until I started a Program wide intramural soccer team and he signed up to play. We went on for weeks just seeing each other at practices and getting to know one another until it developed into a strong friendship. He was my go to person for advice and was always around to kick the ball around. Little did I know that around the same time my ex and I had broken up, him and his girlfriend had also split. I was oblivious that he was attracted to me despite how often we started to hangout, study together, and text. Eventually he started to be very obvious with his flirting and we started a compliment war to see who could be the most charming. Again, he won this battle considering the best compliment I could come up with was “your part is fun.” (I still have’t lived down that text) He told me later that after I sent that message he thought I was trying to send hints that I wasn’t into him, turns out I’m just not great at flirting. A few weeks later he asked me on an official date to go see the local semi-pro soccer team play and asked me during the game if I wanted to officially date. I said yes of course, I thought you would never ask!

how they asked

After Mason and I started dating I found out that for my clinical internship I was going to be stationed in El Paso, TX-approximetly a eight hour drive from where Mason would be. We were determined to make the relationship last over the next year apart, so we started to plan trips to see each other each month. We decided that it would be more enjoyable to meet in new places and create memories rather than hang out local in San Antonio or El Paso. Over the past year we went to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Washington State, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Florida. In March we were unsure if at the end of the 1 year internship we would be able to live in the same city, so we decided to plan one more trip to fill the gap between the end of the internship and the last time we saw each other. We chose to go to Virginia to visit Shenandoah National Park. He booked a cabin the national park for us to stayin for the weekend and we booked the tickets. Fast forward to this past weekend May 26-28th. Mason and I arrived in Shenandoah National Park late Friday night and checked into our cabin. The room was gorgeous. Turns out he had upgraded us to a cabin with a deck that overlooked the valley. We sat out there and relaxed after our long journey to get there. The next morning we woke up in time to catch the sunrise at one of the look out points and tried to go grab breakfast from the lodge, but turns out not very many people are awake at 6am, so they were closed. We changed plans and went to hike one of the hikes Mason had chose: Bearfence Rock Scramble. This was a hike rated hard in the brochures due to a 1/2 mile of climbing up and over large boulders to reach the end of the hike, which was a breathtaking panorama of the whole park and valley. We reached the top and per usual I pulled out my tripod, camera and remote to start taking pictures. After about 15-20 minutes worth of taking pictures and enjoying the views Mason suggests that we take another one with him standing on the lower rock. I told him that it would look weird if he was lower than me, but in the end gave in. With remote in hand he posed us for what I thought was just another picture, little did I know he pushed the record button. A few seconds later he was down on one knee telling me dozens of reasons he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life and he asked, “Amanda, will you marry me?” Teary eyed I said yes and instantly bent down to embrace him. We stayed on the top of that mountain for another hour just soaking in the views with intermittent laughter and tears before hiking back down to grab breakfast.

Amanda and Mason's Engagement in Shenandoah National Park

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