Amanda and Marcus' Proposal at the Venue She Wanted to Get Married At

How We Met

Marcus and I met through a mutual friend. One of my best friends, Aubrey worked with him at Round Table Pizza. In August 2011 she convinced both my cousin Heather and I to tag along with her to go bowling with her co-workers, with the hopes of introducing us to Marcus. Aubrey initially wanted to set Marcus up with Heather but after realizing that they really didn’t have much in common, she decided that I would be a perfect match for him (she was totally right on that one). Unfortunately I was only able to introduce myself to him that night but when I saw him I knew that he was perfect for me, and totally cute! He had the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen, which I totally fell in love with! After meeting at the bowling alley, I was really interested in getting to know him so Aubrey and her boyfriend at the time suggested that we go on a double date. A month and a half later, we were all finally free at the same time, so we out to dinner at a Hibachi grill. When I walked out to his car the first word out of his mouth when he saw me was “WOW!” The feeling I had when he said that was indescribable. I know I was instantly blushing. Marcus and I talked the entire time without a dull moment. At the end of the date, I was totally sure he would ask for my number but he just said that he had a good time and then left. I was shocked and kind of sad that he didn’t ask, so I thought he didn’t have a good time, but he ended up texting Aubrey and telling her that he forgot to get my number and he asked her for my number and then a few minutes later he texted me and from that moment we were smitten for each other. After the double date we didn’t see each other for almost another month, but when we finally went on another date one-on-one, we both knew we were the one for each other! We have been together ever since!

how they asked

Last year for our third anniversary Marcus and I took a wine tasting tour of Temecula, CA. We visited 5 different wineries in the area and one in particular stood out to me, Leoness Cellars. I had told Marcus while we were there that it would be the perfect place to get married at because the location is so beautiful.

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This past year, I have been not-so-subtly hinting to Marcus that I wanted him to propose. But he kept telling me that he wanted to wait until I was finished with school (I’ll be done with school in March). So I dropped it because he usually sticks to his word.

My birthday and our anniversary are 4 days apart. For my birthday, I had originally wanted to go wine tasting but fortunately my plans fell through so for my birthday I just had a nice dinner with my family. A few days before my birthday Marcus had told me to get the day after my birthday off from work because he wanted to take me out to a nice lunch, just us, because every year on my birthday I go out to dinner with my family, and this year he wanted to do something romantic. He kept where we were going and what we were doing a surprise (that should’ve been my first hint). So on the day after my birthday, I got ready and then he told me that I needed to be blindfolded on the ride there (second hint). I still didn’t think anything of it, I just thought he really wanted to keep everything a secret. Upon arrival, he let me take off the blindfold and revealed that he was taking me wine tasting at Leoness Cellars again and after we were going to have a nice lunch at the winery restaurant.

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When we got out of the car we went into their barrel room, the same place we went last year at the start of the tour. Once inside we met with our tour guide, I thought there would have been more people on the wine tasting tour with us but it was just the two of us (third hint). We walked through their vineyard, tasted a few of their white wines, and then we reached the area where they hold all of their weddings; it is perched atop a slight hill so it has an amazing view of the vineyard. There was music playing and no one else was up there. We took a few pictures with the view behind us and then our tour guide left us to “go get another bottle of wine for us to taste”. It was then that I noticed a bouquet of red roses and a science fair three fold board on a table next to us (fourth hint, but I thought it was for someone else). While we were alone, Marcus pulled out a letter he had written for me and started to read it (I FINALLY caught on to what was happening). My hands started to shake uncontrollably, but I kept telling myself to stay calm. He finished reading his letter, it was amazing but I had a hard time paying attention to what it said because I was freaking out (in a good way of course) inside. Then he walked me over to the table with the roses and opened up the science fair board, inside the board was a puzzle that was already put together but was missing 4 pieces. It had his favorite pictures of the two of us around the sides and in the middle it said: “The moment that I met you, all the pieces of the puzzle came together”… Then He looked at me and got down on one knee, pulled out the 4 missing pieces (that said: Amanda, will you marry me?) and a ring. I immediately started bawling my eyes out and of course said yes!

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But that wasn’t the end of the surprises, just as I was putting myself back together and wiping away my tears of pure happiness, I saw both of our families come out from hiding behind a wall. I lost it again. They had strategically placed themselves so that they could not be seen but they saw the entire proposal. It meant the world to me to have my family there to see this huge moment in my life. The entire day was perfect.

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Special Thanks

Rachel Jay
 | Photographer