Amanda and Marc

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Amanda's best friend's house

How We Met

Marc and I have been around each other since we were children; we both hung in the same circles, I was friends with his cousin. However, it was suddenly in 2013 that my best friend and another friend decided to play matchmakers and Marc and I were in their sights. Marc was in a church band with my brother, and we sometimes traveled together on Sundays to SF. This particular day Emily and Simon rolled up their sleeves and somehow orchestrated Marc and I being in the same car through some quick seat switches. As it would happen, the other car in the caravan ended up having some mechanical issues, so we ended up spending hours in the car alone together talking while everyone else tried to figure things out. And the rest, I guess you could say, is history.

how they asked

Marc and I talked a lot about getting married before he actually proposed, so I had an idea that the proposal was coming soon. However, it was a complete surprise when it actually happened; I had no idea. It was game night with Emily (my best friend) and her family. We were playing the game, Loaded Questions. I was actually kind of peeved at Marc, because the entire night him and Emily were picking on me. I couldn’t figure out WHY they wouldn’t stop and WHY my death glares to the both of them weren’t being effective.

The game consists of asking a question, then everyone writes down their answer and someone has to figure out who answered what. Well, it was the last question of the game, and it was “If you could make a life changing decision, what would it be?” Everyone wrote down their answers, and Emily read them. The last answer was “Marry Amanda”, and I instantly knew it was Marc’s. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I sensed Marc moving, and when I turned to look at him I was shocked to find him on his knee next to my chair.

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He was so nervous! As I stared, shocked, he looked up at me with his classic grin, “Amanda, will you marry me?” I don’t even remember exactly what I said, but I know there was a ‘yes’ in there along with many tears. He put the ring on my finger and I couldn’t stop staring at it; it is so gorgeous!

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Everyone at the table was surprised except for Emily, Marc hadn’t told anyone that he planned on proposing that night. It was perfect; and it was the ultimate “Loaded Question”!


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