Amanda and Luke


How We Met

Luke and I met during both of our senior years of college while on Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico. Luke was with a group of friends from James Madison University in Virginia, and I was with a group of friends from North Carolina State University. While some of my sorority sisters were at dinner at our resort, one of Luke’s friends came up to our table and introduced himself. Once he heard we were from North Carolina he immediately went and told Luke, who also grew up in North Carolina. Luke came over to our table to talk, and we discovered we had so many mutual friends. After he left our table, I called “dibs” on the guy in the yellow shirt, which my friends have never let me forget! We spent the rest of our week in Mexico together, and began dating once we were back in the country. After 8 months of dating, Luke moved to Raleigh to be with me in my hometown and where I would be attending law school for the next 3 years.

how they asked

After spending almost 3 years in Raleigh together, we moved Charlotte, North Carolina, where I would be starting my new job and Luke would be starting graduate school. I was so excited to go home for Thanksgiving for what I thought would be the usual Thanksgiving celebrations! I had plans the Saturday after Thanksgiving to get my nails done with my sister and one of my best friends like we love to do, and then to meet Luke, his friend, and my best friend’s husband in the early evening at a nearby bar in downtown Raleigh. After getting our nails done and a little shopping, we headed downtown to meet the boys. As we were approaching the center of downtown, Luke sent me a text telling me to park by the Capitol building to meet up with him so we could walk with one of his friends to the bar. Luke and I casually strolled around the Capitol building for a few minutes supposedly looking for his friend, while I chatted away with no idea what was about to happen and while Luke was nervously hoping the spot he wanted to propose would be free of tourists! Finally, Luke stopped me in front of the Capitol building, with our backs towards one of the main streets downtown.

Luke had planned out the exact spot to stand in, what to say, where to look, but when he was in the moment, it all went out the window! Before I knew it he was down on one knee, asking me to spend forever with him.


After a few minutes of taking it all in, Luke showed me the photographer that was sitting right nearby taking our photos. We spent a few minutes taking photos together, and just enjoying our first few minutes being engaged!


Next, Luke led me down the street to Busy Bee, where our parents, my sister, and best friend and her husband were waiting. We enjoyed champagne, had some appetizers, and took in the rooftop terrace view of Downtown Raleigh before heading to my parent’s house for a celebration, where we brought it back to where it all began with a “Mexican fiesta”. I could not have asked for a more perfect and special day with our families.



Special Thanks

Lundie's Photography