Amanda and Luca


How We Met: We met a little over 8 years ago in High School through a mutal friend. Our first date was at a local coffee shop one cold friday night in January 2007.

how they asked: It was a hot summer weekend and my boyfriend Luca and I were invited to go for supper to the Old Port with another couple Stefania and Mathew, who we are very closed to. My boyfriend had picked me up and we were meeting with the couple before supper to go all together. (Little did I know my boyfriend would asked his friend to be the best man that night.) All along the way to Restaurant Bevo, my friend kept saying how we should go see the fireworks and how excited she was that it was the Italy fireworks that night. We arrived at the restaurant and we had to wait to get seated while my friend and my boyfriend started to get anxious. NOW they absolutely did not want to miss the fireworks which started at 10pm. Supper was nice and finished right on time while we walked towards the water where the dock for the ships were. The fireworks had started and we found a perfect private spot to sit us four. Ten minutes into the fireworks my boyfriend said to me while he got up and pulled out a box from his pocket “There is another reason I wanted to come here tonight”. He then got on one knee and while I was crying he said the following speech: “Do you remember the first time we spoke or the first time we met? After 8 years, through the good and the bad, we’re still here together. You are the most caring and unselfish person that I know. You’re kind, intelligent, beautiful, hard working and patient sometimes. All these things make me who I am. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I already know what you’ll answer but let’s make it official. Will you marry me?” I answered “Yes, of course” while I bent down to grab his face and kiss him.