Amanda and Logan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Phoenix Botanical Gardens - Arizona

How We Met

While attending Arizona State University I worked part time at a nearby Starbucks. One day a very tall guy walked in and asked for an application. I handed him one and thought to myself “I reeeeally hope we hire that cute guy”. A couple weeks later I showed up at work to find a very tall new person donning a green apron. We had hired the cute guy! We became friends and eventually started dating. Now, after three years of a long distance relationship and a move to San Francisco we are engaged and planning a wedding in Arizona where we first met.

how they asked

We were visiting Arizona to spend the Christmas holiday with my family when Logan asked if I wanted to go to the Phoenix Botanical Garden’s Christmas light display (Las Noches de Luminarias). I love Christmas decor and Christmas lights plus I had heard this particular display was beautiful so I of coarse said yes. As we were walking through the beautiful gardens we came to an area that was quiet and secluded. The trees on either side of the path were covered with white Christmas lights and formed a sparkling archway above us. In a perfect moment Logan stopped, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him! It was perfect because my closest friends were all in town for the holidays and as all my family got together over the next couple of days to celebrate Christmas I was able to share the news and celebrate with everyone!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Phoenix Botanical Gardens - Arizona