Amanda and Kyle

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How We Met

I met Kyle about 5 years ago while we were both working part-time jobs at a San Diego nightclub. I love the story of how we met because the nightlife scene is totally the last place either of us had any interest in being, but it is certainly where it all began! I was a cocktail waitress and Kyle, a few years younger, my busser. I remember thinking to myself, jeez Amanda, why can’t you just like a younger guy, besides the age difference he’s perfect!? Kyle was always so sweet, so polite, smart, came from a great family and despite my sassy attitude, was always willing to be my friend without having a hidden agenda like most other guys in the industry.

Because I really could not handle working in that environment for long, I quickly left and while nothing more happened besides a playful friendship, at the time, Kyle and I kept in touch, randomly, mostly him checking in on me every few months to see how I was doing and to let me know about the positive changes he had made in his life as well! Kyle is one of those super nice guys that gives you total respect and space, so he wasn’t the best at making the cross over from friends to something more, his attempts at something more usually involved “Will you be in the area?” emails, to which I would always reply, “Hmmm no? What, do you not have a car?” I could never tell if he was just not that into me, or too nervous to ask me out, so, naturally, I would X out of the emails and move on with the day, after all, who has time for guessing games!? :)

Fast forward a few months, I got a window tint ticket and needed someone to sign it off for me. I was trying to think of who I knew that was in law enforcement and I remembered Kyle’s email to me that he quit the bar scene and got a job as a Sherriff. Perfect I thought, I will ask Kyle! Unfortunately, he could not help me because it was a Police ticket and not a Sherriff’s ticket, but I felt inclined to chat with him to see how he was besides just asking for a favor and being done with the convo. A few texts about the window ticket lead to a few more texts, which lead to a whole lot more texts, that eventually lead to our first date. Two years later, here we are, engaged!

how they asked

I had to be in Berlin Germany for a work event so I told Kyle I wanted to head to Paris after. In my head, I was definitely thinking, this would be a perfect place for an engagement, but with less than a month left to plan our trip, I realized that might be a long shot dream. Growing up, I really never had any dreams of any other city besides Paris. I was always just so obsessed with how romantic it was, and always would think about how cool it would be to one day be in love in Paris. I loved the Love Lock Bridges, the rain, the tower, the lights, something about Paris just seemed so magical and being with someone you loved there, well, that would be pretty much my idea of perfection.

So, we booked the trip!

We would fly out of Berlin, straight to Paris and we’d spend 5 days just exploring it all! The very first day we arrived, it was the “Hottest Day of the Year” according to locals so Kyle and I were both dripping sweat wondering what we were thinking traveling to somewhere so hot, with minimal AC! Kyle let me know that he had a special date planned, on this hottest day of the year, so I got myself ready and off we went. It was about 2pm in Paris and Kyle had a car waiting for us downstairs. I was not allowed to know where we were going but I was told to wear something comfortable, but, because we were in Paris and I was on proposal watch 2016, I, of course, wore a dress and my comfiest heels.

About 30 minutes later, we arrived to what appeared to be a beautiful lake with a surrounding park. People were scattered about, having picnics, playing with their children and having fun in these cute row boats on the water. We started to explore the grounds, walking around the lake for about 10 minutes or so to which we finally came to this dome like temple. At first, I thought Kyle was just wandering around with no plans, so when I saw kids all over the temple, I figured we would just keep walking, but… we didn’t. Kyle walked me up the stairs of this beautiful marble temple, letting me know that it was called the Temple Of Love and that it was a super special place not many have been to in Paris. I started getting nervous because I felt something in the air and wanted him to stop because there were people all over and I didn’t want them around for it. But, he said no and that it didn’t matter, shoot I thought, oh my gosh, this is about to happen.

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I remember seeing a photographer out of the corner of my eye, but because I was so nervous, my brain did not process “Hey that’s your engagement photographer!” Kyle started telling me how much he loved me and that I was his very best friend and could not imagine a life without me, and before I knew it, he was down on one knee. He was so nervous too, forgetting most of what he planned to say, but the look in his eyes was really all I needed. He looked up at me with the biggest, most loving eyes and the most gorgeous, perfect ring, and my heart felt complete.

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I don’t even remember when or how I said yes, I just wanted him off the ground and in my arms forever. After that, Kyle had a row boat waiting for us so we got to cruise around the lake together, celebrating our special moment inside the Temple of Love, just a few miles outside of Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

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He did so, so good, in that moment, and still to this day, I feel so lucky to know he went to so much planning just to make sure the day was perfect for us. In a time where so many girls believe that this stuff doesn’t exist anymore, I just had to share my story to prove that fairy tales are most definitely real for those that believe.

I hope you enjoyed our story!

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