Amanda and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met through a dating site in 2014. We set up a date at a local coffee shop a few weeks after exchanging emails and texts. The hour flew by in what felt like minutes. I remember after the date I told my mom about how cute I thought this guy was! He was so welcoming and so kind! For our second date, he came out to my art show and we spent the night talking, and he got to know some of my family and friends as they showed up through out the night. He kept me company the entire night! He was very shy, but finally after a few dates, we had our first kiss and the rest was history! I had just graduated from university and was setting my sites on college the following year. Kyle was currently going to the school that I was planning to attend, so it was a perfect! He gave me tours (I may have pretended that I couldn’t remember where some things were, so I needed a few tours!) Finally, after about three months we became official. He took me to a gazebo in the park with a flower and asked me to be his girlfriend. It was the sweetest, cheesiest thing ever!

Amanda and Kyle's Engagement in His house, Christmas morning!

Amanda's Proposal in His house, Christmas morning!

Proposal Ideas His house, Christmas morning!

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Kyle’s family lives in Ottawa, about 4 hours away from where we live. It was Christmas time, and we spent Christmas Eve with my mother, Christmas day with my father, and the next day we went to Ottawa to spend a second Christmas morning with Kyle’s family. It’s easier for both families so we can celebrate with everyone. So we just say that our proposal took place on Christmas morning! On Christmas morning, Kyle warned me that there would be pictures (I suspected it was just because it was Christmas that there would be pictures), so thankfully I was ready! Everyone opened up all of their gifts except for my gift from Kyle. It was a big box, so I got up and sat on the floor, opening it. It was the rose from Beauty and the Beast, my favorite movie of all time. I was so surprised and I absolutely loved it! When I turned around to thank him, he was down on one knee, and asking me to marry him! (with the most gorgeous, perfect ring I have ever seen!) I could not believe it was happening. I instantly started to cry, and we hugged for what felt like minutes.

Finally I realised I hadn’t given him an answer yet and said “yes!” and then there were more tears and hugs. After the shock wore off a little bit, he told me that he asked my mom, dad and my brother for their permission to marry me. He had to do it over text message because I was with him the whole week and he couldn’t find any time alone with them to ask. But he sent me the text messages, so I’ll always have them. His whole family was filming and taking pictures the entire time! We then Facetimed my family, who were at home waiting! It was the best day of my life so far. I’m constantly finding myself looking at him, thinking about how happy I am that I get to grow old with such an incredible man. I get to marry my best friend, and have this wonderful feeling of pride, love, and happiness forever. It’s such a gift.

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