Amanda and Kristofer

I met my fiance one year ago at work. I was going through a really hard time and he just let me confide in him. After a couple of months he asked me out on a date and I said yes.

Our first date was Valentines day. He took me to the state fair, and we walked around, tried almost all the fair food. I have been on a lot of dates, and although the fair really isn’t my thing, I had so much fun. We never had a lull in conversation, and we talked for hours. One date turned into two and the next thing you know we were an item.

Every date he promised me that we would have fun. He has kept that promise. He keeps me laughing every day of the year.

After we started dating, we both just knew right away, we were right for each other.
By August we had talked about getting married and he planned a perfect romantic day date. We had a delicious breakfast and went ring style shopping. The first ring I tried on was “The One”, as soon as I put it on, we both looked at each other and teared up.

We went to multiple stores and nothing compared to that particular ring.
Since that day we had an inside joke, randomly asking “When!!” to each other.
Christmas day I went to his parents house.

As soon as I arrived, presents were scattered everywhere, the entire family was over.

I had purchased him glitter letters that spelled out our little inside joke of “When!!”, he opened it and the family disbursed. We both laughed and a couple of pics were taken. I had thought that either the family didn’t get the joke, or maybe thought my gift was a little rude.
A few hours later the entire family kind of disappeared, they said that they were going to pack up the cars with all the gifts.

The house was empty.

Kris guided me into the kitchen and pointed to his Christmas Town. We both love Christmas so much and he has the most beautiful Christmas town set up. Shoppes, and homes, a radio station, restaurants, even a church. It is elaborate, and very beautiful.
Sitting in front of the miniature church, was a card, with my name on it. I walked over to the envelope, and opened it up.

There was one word written on the card…. “Now?”..

It took me a moment as my head was trying to figure out what my heart knew, I turned around and there, on one knee was my now fiancee. Tears in his eyes and a smile on his face.
“Will you marry me”

We both cried and I said yes.

We walked outside and the entire family cradled us with hugs and congratulations. We all went inside and my future Mother and Father in law opened very nice bottles of champagne and our first gift as a couple, beautiful red crystal champagne glasses.

It was perfect.

I later found out that whole family was in on it, I am so thankful to be marrying into such a loving family.

They all told me after our toast that when he opened up his “When!!” letters they had to leave the room because no one wanted to spoil the surprise.