Amanda and Kris

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How We Met

Ever download an app on your phone to pass time while on a road trip with your best friends? That is exactly how this all started- our total modern day love story. Who would have thought that swiping right would mean I was about to find my future husband?

Kris and I spoke every day for about a month before actually meeting one another. Each day I learned something new about my future husband and each day we figured out yet another thing we had in common (You love sports and ice cream!? SOLD).

Fast forward to our first date December 20, 2013- Finally I was about to meet this handsome guy that had me so smitten.. cue the nerves!

Kris and I met that night at the 76ers vs Nets game (little did I know that Kris was introducing me to his first love–basketball), both being into sports I thought this was a fantastic idea! Our conversations flowed so easily that night that I knew he was something special. Although our night was perfect, it didn’t change the fact that we were living sometimes 4 hours away from one another.

After spending a memorable NYE together ringing in 2014- We spent the next 6 months riding the crazy roller coaster they call a long distance relationship.

Throughout those 6 months, I knew that I had found something special in Kris that was worth taking a chance on. Not locked down to Pennsylvania, I decided I would give Maryland a shot. By August 2014, I was officially a Baltimore resident who would be educating fifth grade minds.

Kris & I started our relationship in the same city for the first time that August. 3 months later we adopted our fur baby Kofi and 4 months after that we bought a house and moved into our first home.

Looking back on it now, my greatest decision was taking a chance on love. I not only found my best friend, someone who completes my soul, but I found everything I could ever want in a man. Cheers to swiping right for love :)

how they asked

Since Kris and I started dating, many of our most memorable moments occurred at Country Music Concerts and Festivals. Fast forward to September 17th (almost 3 years since our first date) at a Thomas Rhett concert (my favorite singer)! The weather was perfect, the company was perfect (obviously, he invited all of our closest friends to witness our moment- I just thought it was amazing that everyone had the same free weekend for a change!)

So for those of you that don’t know us, Kris and I could easily open up a very successful sneaker store in our home. With that being said, Kris knew the only way to do this was through some custom sneakers. Being that this is a mutual love of ours, Kris thought it was only necessary to go to the best in the business and create a pair that portrayed our story. A mixture of our favorite song lyrics and pictures of us were exactly what he needed to ensure that this moment would be perfect!

Kris had asked the sneaker artists to post a photo on Instagram that day including our sneakers- All part of his master plan. Walking down by the water to take the cliche concert photo, he turned to me and told me about a sneaker post he had seen that he really liked. Newsflash: this is literally an everyday conversation for the two of us- so I still had no idea! Kris showed me the Instagram post as planned (check out the photo), and my reaction was “wow that sounds just like us”, in which Kris replied “that’s because it is”. I was still a little confused so Kris made sure to clarify by getting down on one knee and asking me to spend forever with him. There were tears (lots of them), smiles (even more), and laughter that night as we celebrated us locking down a lifetime of love.

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