Amanda and Kollin

Upon returning from a massage that he booked for my birthday, I came home to rose petals all over our apartment that led to our bedroom. On the bed we’re two envelopes. The first held a letter that described I would be going on a scavenger hunt to places all over Chicago that were special to us, but I would have to figure out clues to get there. The first clue led to our first apartment together. I walked in and found my cousin, Kate, holding clue two. The second clue led to a bridge in Lincoln Park where I found my sister, Ashley, holding clue three. The third clue led to Lincoln Park Conservatory, a very special place to Kollin and I. Clue four was inside the Conservatory and had a penny inside. Kollin said to make a wish in the pond and wait for the next surprise. I turned around to Kollin coming into the room. He got down on his knee and asked to spend the rest of our lives together.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Lincoln Park Conservatory

Amanda's Proposal in The Lincoln Park Conservatory

Amanda and Kollin's Engagement in The Lincoln Park Conservatory

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Lincoln Park Conservatory

A few moments later, a photographer came into the room and we went on a photo shoot to capture the day. Kollin had told me that we were having dinner with my family that weekend for my birthday. After the proposal I thought we would go back to our apartment and relax for a while then head to dinner. We got home, had some champagne and he said he had one more surprise. We walked to a hallway in our building and he opened the door leading into a room filled with our family and closest friends cheering in celebration. We spent the rest of the night having dinner, drinking and celebrating with everyone!

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