Amanda and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin Wilson was a simple, kind-hearted, Oceanside K-9 police officer. He paid frequent visits to a local restaurant with his K-9 Unit most Wednesday’s before their training days. Amanda waited tables at this restaurant while working toward getting a college degree. Kevin and Amanda always had a connection, and she was a dog lover so there was always loads to talk about, but he was newly single, and she was dating other people. Although there was always a spark they remained just friends, until one day James, Kevin’s partner suggested a “ride along”. She was interested and very excited, so a week later she went with Kevin on a ride along and he swept her off her feet with his casual and sweet conversation, and cheesy one-liners. 2 weeks after the ride along they went on their first date, and 6 months after that he knew she was the one and he asked her to marry him.

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how they asked

Amanda was a pretty big fan of the SF Giants and Kevin planned an elaborate weekend getaway to the city without Amanda having any idea of his plans. He even got Amanda’s boss in on it and got all of her shifts covered. Kevin woke her up early Friday morning and said: “pack your bag sweetie, you’re not going to work today… we’re going on an adventure”. When she finally wakes up a little and gets some things together she heads downstairs where he is standing in the kitchen. He pulls a box out of his pocket and tells her “at some point during this trip I am going to ask you to marry me, can you hold this for me until I do” Amanda was overwhelmed with emotion, can this really be happening? Yes, it was indeed happening, and with hardly any time to even process everything, they were on their way to San Francisco.

Kevin even had the flight attendant read off a sweet note about they’re trip and engagement. When they arrived in San Francisco, their first stop after getting settled into the hotel was AT&T park for the most amazing park tour where the Giants would be playing later that evening. When it wrapped up they went out for drinks and dinner, and after dinner, he took her to the embarcaderos, right under the bay bridge, to a place called “cupids span”. Kevin asked Amanda to get the box out that he had given to her earlier that day, turn around and open it. She did, with a little hesitation being that Kevin was now behind her, but she began to open it nonetheless to find nothing in the box. Confused, she turned around to Kevin, down on his knee, holding the ring, and he asked her to be his for the rest of his life. It was the easiest question she has ever had to answer.

To top off what had already been an amazing day, newly engaged and so in love, they stopped for a champagne toast to celebrate and made their way back to AT&T Park where Kevin had planned yet another surprise! Just before the start of the 3rd inning the scoreboard light up with the words “She said YES! I love you Amanda McKinney”, and the Giants went on and won the baseball game!

I know right, how lucky can a girl be, right?

The rest of the weekend was still filled with wonderful surprises including coordinating with Amanda’s parents and having them come down to celebrate more baseball games and amazing food.

Amanda's Proposal in San Francisco, CA

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