Amanda and Kellen

How We Met

Three years ago, Kellen got the courage to bug Amanda at a bar in Capitol Hill. How typical, she was on her phone checking Facebook and Twitter. “Is your phone more interesting than everyone else in this place?” he asked. She was shocked that someone would actually call her out for that, and the rest of the night, they couldn’t stop chatting. The very next day, they had their official “first date” where they decided to meet at a local coffee shop – Uptown Espresso. Kellen, being his punctual self, got there fifteen minutes early, and Amanda was cutting it real close – fashionably late, she’d say. But being the overly cautious person she was and still is, she texted him that she was running ten minutes late. This allowed her to quickly run in and alert the barista that she was meeting a stranger. Exact words “I never meet up with strangers. If I look worried or scared, please rescue me. I’m terrified of dating.” Upon receiving that text, Kellen decided he was also “running late”, and Amanda saw him walk out of the coffee shop for a jaunt around the block. As she sat there waiting for him to return, she had a huge grin on her face. “This guy is adorable. Look at him with his coffee cup in hand pretending that he was running late,” she thought to herself. That first date was a hit, and the rest is history.

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Courtesy of Bryan Rupp Photography

how they asked

We had been wanting to try Westward for the longest time. A huge fan of oysters and restaurants with gorgeous views — Westward has been on the top of my list for some time now. During the first week of May, the weather hit the 80s which gave us even more reason to give this place a try. We had made plans with one of my really good friends, Alyson for a little midday happy hour and ordered some oysters (Shigoku and Bay Water Sweets), rose, their amazing smoked clam dip and beer. While I got up to talk to the hostess about removing our names from the waiting list since we found a spot outside by the beachy waterfront area of the restaurant, Kellen told Alyson that he brought an engagement ring and if she could capture the moment. *sneaky sneaky*

After we paid our bill, Kellen decided he wanted to go down closer to the water to look at the boats. He asked me to come with him, but for Alyson to stay, which I found to be super weird. When we got to the rocky part of that little beach, I was also confused as to why we were standing right in front of people’s line of view of the water on the patio. SO strange right?! Until he started telling me how much he loved me, and then I realized what was happening… OH EM GEE… This was it. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee, the ring was on my finger and my eyes were brimming with happy tears.

Other folks sitting outside at the restaurant were also teary-eyed, and we got a round of applause and congratulatory cheers as we turned around. There were a few people in the distance lounging on their boats who also got a glimpse of the proposal and tooted their horn. It truly was a magical moment, and we were just overwhelmed with joy.

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Special Thanks

Alyson Andrews
 | Photographer