Amanda and Keean

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How We Met

Keean and I met when he was working at a winery in winters, called Turkovich family wines, I was a wine club member. We didn’t talk much because we were both a little shy. After I came back from a month abroad I started working at the winery too as a cook. He used to come. hang out in the kitchen during my shifts and clean glasses so I would make him snacks out of the leftover food. We would listen to music and talk for hours. After a few weeks of working together and staying for drinks after work, we hit it off and started dating. We didn’t tell our co-workers we were dating for a little bit. Everyone thought we were so cute together they would tell Keean to ask me out. Keean is on the shy side so people calling him out on that stuff would make him blush. Once everyone knew about us they were very excited! We took our first trip together to the coast for the weekend.

How They Asked

After about 2 years together we packed up and moved to the mountains and fell so in love with mountain life that we bought a house up here. After weeks of stress from buying a house we finally had the keys! Keean was at the new house getting it ready to paint the next day. When I got off work he had me pick up dinner. I was so excited to see the new house now that it was officially ours! When I walked into the house he had photos of us throughout our relationship on the wall spelling out “marry me?” He had a picnic ready for us, with champagne and flowers (I had dinner with me) all on top of a blanket I had made him for Christmas. There was music playing in the background (Elvis Presley- can’t help falling in love) As I turned around to look at him he was down on one knee with the ring in hand asking me to spend forever with him. We toasted the occasion with a bottle of champagne from the winery where we met at. ❤️

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