Amanda and Justin

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how we met

We both met at the University of Kansas. Justin had apparently seen me from a far. He had tried to talk to me a few times, but was never successful. Finally Justin reached out to me with a request to meet at KU’s local watering hole. I gave in and went to meet him, and I’ve been in love with him ever since! We are college sweethearts!

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how they asked

After a long journey of house hunting, and we finally found the one! Leading up to our closing date, Justin had mentioned that he would like to take professional pictures, so we could send out “We’ve Moved!” cards to all our friends and family! I was surprised he came up with a such an idea, but I was thrilled! Leading up to the day I had friends who thought FOR SURE this was it, and that we would be getting engaged. But I continually told them no. In no way, shape, or form did I think he would propose. We woke up that morning (4/27/17) like any other day, Justin seemed cool calm and collected (this was actually not the case!)…

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The closing on our house went great, and we couldn’t wait to get into OUR house. Once there I promptly left to go get my makeup done. Little did I know, our photographer Laura, pulled up to the house right after I pulled away.

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Laura and Justin strategized and took some preliminary pictures of the STUNNING ring. When I finally got home, I met Laura and we poured some champagne right away! I quickly changed into my dress, leaving Justin NO time to spread any flower petals, and he barely got the ring box into his pocket.

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Our picture session began, and it was going great. All of a sudden, while standing in our living room, Justin turned me around and told me he had to tell me something. For a split second I froze, and then realized, THIS WAS IT. My eyes immediately started welling up as Justin spoke the sweetest words. Luckily I broke the tension by threatening him that this proposal better not be a joke! Luckily it wasn’t.

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Moments later, Justin dropped down onto one knee and asked me to marry him. With a stream of instant tears, I said YES! And suddenly I went from a girlfriend to a fiancée, with a diamond ring on my hand. We smiled, laughed, hugged, kissed the rest of the day. And Laura caught the entire day on camera, so we can relive it any time we want. We ended the night with a blanket on the floor, eating Pizzeria Lola Pizza, sipping champagne, and soaking in our moment. It was the perfect day.

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