Amanda and Justin

How We Met

We met at a mutual friend’s party in November 2012, and immediately hit it off! We talked all night, but I ended up leaving in a rush and we didn’t get the chance to exchange phone numbers. For the next feeks weeks he kept telling his close friend about this mystery girl he met, but couldn’t find anywhere online to reach out to, as I had been off of social media at the time. Fast forward a couple weeks and I went out for a friend of mine’s birthday party and in walks my now-fiancé! It turns out my friend, and his friend, were brother and sister! We have been together every single day since then!

how they asked

The first concert we ever went to together was the Zac Brown Band the first summer we started dating. We decided to make it a summer tradition that every single year we would go to where ZBB was playing for a concert. We kept the tradition going strong, and at our 5th ZBB concert, he got down on one knee in the middle of tens of thousands of people, while Zac Brown played my absolute favorite song, and asked me to marry him!