Amanda and Joseph

How We Met

Joey and I met Freshman Year of High School. He was in my Algebra class and I had a crush from the first day I saw him. We dated through high school and into collge, but broke up when we were almost 21, due to the distance, he was attending college in Ohio and I was in Florida. We stayed friends and 6 years later found our way back to each other (with some help from his mom).

how they asked

Looking back I should have known, he was nervous and kept messing with his pocket. We spent the day at the botanical gardens and now I know he was looking the whole time for the perfect place to ask me. He never found that perfect place and so after leaving he suggested we walk to the art museum, my favorite place in Cleveland. It was closing time and so we walked right through to the backside where the original facade is. He proposed in front of the fountain with the art museum behind us. It was the most perfect place. I do not remember anything after that, as I am sure I blacked out from my excitement.

Special Thanks

Lindsay Dawn Photography
 | Photographer
The Cleveland Museum of Art
 | Location