Amanda and Jordon

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How We Met

We had mutual friends in high school and ended up in the same circle a few times. I had a crush on one of his friends, but he ended up being the one who showed up when I asked for some company at my brother’s graduation party. He doesn’t remember that part, but it left an impression on me. Flash forward to 8 years later, we are both between relationships and his best friend (in high school and now), Kim, is now a close friend of mine and engaged to marry my brother. I was leaving my brother’s house, on the way to meet friends, when Jordon walked in. Honestly, I was left speechless. I’d always thought he was good-looking, but it’d been so long since I’d last seen him, I’d forgotten just how good looking. He had made plans with my soon-to-be sister-in-law to reconnect after losing touch. We said our hellos, myself trying to seem cool and collected, but likely failing miserably, and parted ways.

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That night, Kim convinced me to meet up with the group. Something clicked that night and I gained all the confidence of every badass female character I’ve ever read about. Normally shy and attempting not to call attention to myself, I threw all that out the window and stood walked right up to Jordon. Before I could say more than a hello, he offered to buy me a drink. We didn’t talk long before Kim said she wasn’t feeling well and needed a ride home. Surprising myself, I gave Jordon my number without missing a beat, put down my barely touched drink, and drove Kim home. It had been 6 years since I’d last seen Jordon, but we ran into each other two more times in the next week. I am a firm believer in fate and running into a guy like Jordon 3 times in one week doesn’t happen by chance. I was out to dinner with friends a few days later and sure enough, he was there too. With a little coercing, Jordon joined us and I managed to convince him to come to my brother and his fiancé’s Halloween party that weekend. I knew there was something about this guy. He was the sweetest man to cross my path in a long time and I just felt like there was something important here. He showed up late to the party, sans costume. I gave him my minion glasses and we unknowingly created our favorite catchphrase, “What’s yours is mine”. We’ve been by each other’s side ever since.

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how they asked

My (now) fiancé and I were snowboarding with friends at Cranmore Mtn. in North Conway, NH. He’s a pretty active guy, skateboards regularly for fun, and we split up while he went down through the park. I made it to the bottom of the slope, but he wasn’t there. Twenty minutes later, I called his phone to have first aid tell me to meet them right away. No one saw what happened, but he fell doing (we think) a 540 and couldn’t move his limbs. We took an ambulance to the hospital to learn, hours later, that he had a herniated disc in his neck and bruising on his spinal cord. After surgery the next day, we were told he may gain all movement back or none, it was a waiting game. I took off work to stay with him at the hospital. Three days later was my 30th birthday and he couldn’t stop telling everyone. I, of course, spent more time celebrating the fact that he walked 42 feet down the hall.

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When he was sleeping, I went down to lunch and ate by myself, crying alone over the fact that it was my 30th birthday and my boyfriend could not give me one of his big bear hugs. When I returned, he was standing with the help of the physical therapist and there, on his bedside table, were four cupcakes, a pink rose, and a card written in his handwriting. I burst into tears and was able to give him an almost normal hug. Two nurses came in to drop off a pack of gum (I thought it was so he could kiss me with fresh breath). They put him back in bed, I sat in the chair beside him and everyone left. Jordan asked for my hand and I thought he was about to tell me bad news, he had just seen the neurologist that morning. He told me to open the pack of gum, and inside was a handmade ring, made by our RNs, from a rolled up piece of paper colored purple, my favorite (pure coincidence) with a teal insulin cap taped on top. We both cried so hard I could barely hear his proposal. Despite having limited mobility, he still managed to slide the ring on my finger as I said, “Yes”.

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To better keep everyone up to date on his progress, we created a blog with his full recovery story (still in progress) here:

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Special Thanks

The Nurses of R5
 | They made the ring & got gifts for Jordon