Amanda and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan was visiting his younger sister Dayna at college in Eau Claire when she and her housemates were hosting a party. Being friends with Dayna, I was at the said party; however, I couldn’t stay long as I had softball the next day…but I could tell Jordan was special from the short first meeting we had.

From there we’d hang out whenever he was in town visiting Dayna…but she had to graduate sometime! After she graduated, we didn’t see Jordan in Eau Claire anymore…until…

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Being the true millennial that I am, I reconnected with Jordan on Facebook chat after he shared some sappy article about not being ashamed of who you are that I had ALSO shared. After we caught up about each other’s lives, I gave him a hard time about not coming to Eau Claire anymore..he gave me a hard time about not inviting him. Challenge accepted, sir. I gave him my phone number and told him to text me when he was on his way to Eau Claire the following weekend.

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Once he arrived and we got over the initial awkwardness of “this is Dayna’s friend/brother” and what this weekend actually meant, we went to a casual lunch (where he paid) ;), listened to each other’s favorite songs, watched a basketball game, and went to Jordan’s first accapella concert…needless to say, it was a perfect first date and we’ve been through many firsts since that day and are looking forward to the firsts to come. <3

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how they asked

Our two year anniversary was on a Monday this year (2018). I happened to have off of work that day (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) so I had asked him if he’d be able to get off so we could celebrate. He told me his boss wouldn’t let him have the day off so we planned an entire day of celebration the day before; complete with a couples massage and fancy dinner. I was SURE he was going to propose that day… I was clearly wrong. He woke up early Monday morning to “go to work” and I started my day, working out, getting breakfast with a good friend, a normal day off.

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I dog-sit on the side and had a family coming to my house about 12:30 for me to meet their dog. At noon my doorbell rings and my roommate tells me it’s the family. They’re early! I’m frantically getting things straight and my roommates dog on a leash and when I open the door… Jordan is standing there smiling and asks, “How about an anniversary walk?” We love going on walks :) I was shocked, I cried, I was so happy. After the family came and went we started driving to a place he had “scoped out because I don’t want to walk around a boring neighborhood.”

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As we drove he asked me what my favorite memory has been over the past two years. We’re reminiscing and laughing, having a great time, we get to Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, MN, get out of the car still reminiscing, snapping selfies, and having a ball. :) Once we got to the falls we had someone take our picture and us theirs, normal touristy stuff.

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He nonchalantly pulls me away from the crowd and says, “We have had a lot of really great adventures but I think I’ve decided which one is my favorite.” He reaches into his jacket pocket and as he gets down on one knee he simply says, “Our adventure.” and asks me to marry him! Of course, I said YES! AND he had our friend photographing the entire thing! It was the perfect proposal and we couldn’t be more excited to start our lives together!

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Special Thanks

Ashley Drewianka
 | Photographer