Amanda and Jordan

how we met

Jordan went to the same university with Amanda’s sister. Her sister asked if he would be interested in her sister (Amanda). Long story short, he said yes, and he asked her to go to look at Christmas lights at Lafarge Lake together and hit it off from there!

how they asked

Proposal happened on the morning of August 1, 2019 in Osoyoos, British Columbia. It was just another annual trip with Amanda’s family and the first morning we were there, we went for a walk, Jordan brought his camera, he then asked Amanda to turn around as he wanted to take a picture of her facing the lake and mountain view, however, in that moment he wasn’t taking any photo, instead he was pulling out the ring and getting down on one knee. Soon enough Amanda turned around and of course said YES!Her family was hiding behind a tree near by and was able to film the whole thing and take photos.It was a surprise, although Amanda knew it was coming soon.It was planned for quite a few months, almost a year. Jordan picked up the ring in May 2019.


Special Thanks

Megan Ashley Creative
 | Photography
Megan Ashley Creative
 | Second Shooter