Amanda and Johnny

How We Met

We met through some mutual friends and hardly spoke the first time. But he had this vibe about him and my friend told me how he was a good guy, with a head on his shoulders and very hard-working… at the end of the night, I remember telling myself that he was exactly the type of guy I wanted to end up with. Sometime later, we crossed paths again. We had an awesome conversation and he asked me to meet up for coffee.

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That night we spoke about everything possible… next thing you knew, he planned our first date, where all the activities were a surprise. On April 5th, 2014, he planned us a special evening out and surprised me with a huge fortune cookie that he ordered from his favorite restaurant in New York City. My fortune was him officially asking me to be his girlfriend! It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done & he definitely set the bar high for a proposal…

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Times Square, New York City

How They Asked

Johnny loves New York & has fond memories of going there on weekend getaways with his cousin. About a month before, he mentioned wanting to plan a trip to New York since we had never been to the Big Apple together, and so the “planning” began. Little did I know, everything was already planned and booked. But it was not easy getting me there… The dates conflicted with my long-time friend’s bachelorette weekend, so I asked him to move our trip to another date, not knowing that he couldn’t! In the end, my cousin Melissa (who was in on it & now will be my MOH) told me that the trip had been booked and that there was a surprise planned. The “surprise” was that she would be meeting us there and now I needed to pretend that I had no idea! So, I finally agreed, at last, to leave those dates and go along with the “surprise”. This detail was actually what threw me off from figuring out the real plans.

So on our first evening in NYC, before heading out to our restaurant reservation at STK, Johnny asked me to take a walk with him in Times Square. There he said that I would see my surprise. Thinking Melissa was going to pop out behind me, Johnny walked me to stand in front of the giant screen and told me to look up… There I saw my name and suddenly, the screen changed to our pictures and a “Will you marry me?”.

I was shocked and immediately became emotional, as he told me that he wanted the whole world to know how he felt… after he got up from going down on one knee, he pointed to the side to reveal the camera crew that followed us from Montreal and had been secretly filming our time until the big moment! It was spectacular. I will never forget this moment, and thankfully, we have it all captured on film!

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