Amanda and John

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How We Met

As two young students attending Trine University, we sat next to each other in our 2nd semester math class. After a couple weeks of class, about four students got together for a study group. I asked to join the group thinking he would really help me with math. Little did I know that I would help him more with math, than he actually helped me. After a few weeks of studying, he would text me all through out the day. Asking me how my day was going, and if we could work on math together. As the semester went on, we hung out all the time.Honestly we didn’t actually start dating until a year and a half after being friends. You could of asked anyone on campus and they thought were dating. Small campus, small town!

how they asked

Last year we decided to send out a select few Christmas Cards with our pictures on them. As people started receiving our first Christmas Card, they commented on how much they loved them. Even throughout the year (in July), they asked if we were going to send out new Christmas Cards for this year. After much research, we decided to get our Christmas Pictures taken professionally. As I researched in September, I thought we found the perfect photographer for our pictures. We took the pictures on a beautiful fall day in October after we had just gotten back from a trip to Nashville. John was acting very weird the day of our pictures. However, I thought nothing of it because it was pictures for our Christmas Cards and maybe he was nervous.

We decided to take pictures on the campus of Trine University, since that is where we both graduated from. We walked around campus getting snapshots taken in front of the Business School where we took many classes and the Alumni office where he had worked as a work study student. After we took pictures at Trine, we hopped in the car where our photographer Bill took us to the Trine State Recreation Park. Honestly, I had never heard of this place until we were taken there. We got a few snapshots around the area, and then started hiking up a hill towards a field. Of course I wore shoes that matched my outfit, and not shoes that were good for hiking; so I had a rough time walking around. Bill told us to start walking towards a field holding hands. We walked about 200 feet before I turned around and asked if this was far enough. John quickly grabbed both of my hands, and was standing in front of me. He looked at me and said I was missing something. I kept asking what was he talking about. Before I knew it, he pulled out a custom designed ring from his right pocket and got down on one knee. I immediately starting crying and before I realized what he was saying, I heard will you marry me? Of course I said YES!

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Special Thanks

Bill Eyster
 | Photography