Amanda and Joey

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How We Met

Joey and I met October 24th, 2014, we were both attending Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. In the small college town of Corvallis there is this bar called “Impulse”. Many college students attended this bar every Saturday night, it was the loud music, dancing, good type of night bar. My roommate and friends had gotten there pretty early in the night, and I was always referred to as “mama Manders” so that night I hadn’t planned to drink to much just relax and have fun. Within the hour I see a huge group of men walk in, and that is when I saw Joey. He was so handsome in his flannel, sweater, and his Anaheim Angels hat. I remember thinking to myself I have to meet this man. I was shy and I felt insecure I had no idea what to say or where even to begin, but some unknown force just kept telling me to talk to him. Well ladies and gentlemen I don’t recommend what happens next to everyone but it worked for me.

The bar was packed at this point, and my friend was behind me holding my hand pushing our way through the crowd. I look ahead and I see Joey leaning on the bar next to his friend, all I could think was this is my chance do something. So I did, I grabbed Joey with my two hands on each side of his face, made out with him, and ran like hell. I couldn’t believe what I had just done, instantly a rush of thoughts hit me, ” what if he has a girlfriend,” “what if I offended him?”. I was so completely embarrassed that I literally hid, waiting for a girl to want to come beat me up for kissing her boyfriend. So next steps were to call a cab, flee the scene, and never show my face at Impulse again. As I rushed towards the door like Cinderella, this man books it from the bathroom right at me, it is Joey and his famous line to this day is “You can’t just make out with me and walk away.” I then discovered he was single and after my “Impulse” decision I was soon to learn that he is going to be the love of my life.

how they asked

September 23rd, 2017- Joey and our two best friends had planned a weekend trip at the coast in Lincoln City, Oregon. As a group we always did things together Bend, the coast, traveling to California which is where I was born and raised, so I thought this is just another special trip. We were staying in a beach house about a block away from the beach. We had brought our dog June Carter and our friends had brought their dog Cooper. We decided as a group we would take the dogs on a walk on the beach so we could wear them out before we left for brunch. We are walking the dogs getting further and further from the beach house, so I ask Joey “How far are we going to go?” He tells me to these rocks up here and then we can turn around.

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So I keep walking and I see this lady on a log taking pictures of me, I found it odd and asked Joey about it but he thought I was crazy. We make it to the rocks my friend tells me she has a call she has to take. Joey then hugs me and begins to tell me how much June and I mean to him and how happy he is, but he is shaking. I begin to cry and start asking “what is happening?” I turn around and both of my friends are videotaping us, I look back and Joey is down on one knee asking me to marry him.

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I say “Yes” so excitedly, I can’t even begin to comprehend what was happening I was just in such bliss and happiness. We all hug and are crying of happiness, we ask the lady on the log to take a picture of us. She takes of her sunglasses and it is Joey’s sister Frankie, all my emotions hit me at once. I then start to cry realizing my family is somewhere on this beach. I look up and Joey’s parents, my mom, dad, and brother pop out of a car parked on the beach.

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They had been there for it all, he had my parents come all the way from California and I had no idea at all. It was the most beautiful and prefect day in every way, we drank champagne and celebrated not the beach as one big family. I love you Joey I can’t wait to marry you and become your wife!

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