Amanda and Joe

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How We Met

One night while in college, 2 of my sorority sisters and I decided to have a wine night at our house (AKA the Trap House). As we were casually sipping wine on our roof laughing at all the other drunk people walking home from the bars that night, we were basically cat called by a group of guys from below. Turns out, I knew one of them so we invited them up to the roof with us. Once we made it through the tiny window and passed around the wine to our new group of friends, Joe was looking like a snack and caught my attention. I decided to put on my big girl panties, muster up the courage, and make my move. And by made my move I mean me getting nervous and just saying “so what’s your major?” out of habit. However, my nervousness proved to be of help because we talked about school/research/nerdy things for about 2 or 3 hours that night. I found out that he was doing research with cardiovascular fluid dynamics and I instantly felt myself go from nervous to excited. I was internally screaming. FINALLY a hot guy that is also smart, determined, AND loves cardiology just as much as me. Very different from your typical college guy.

As 4am approached, we figured sleep was probably a good idea. I said “well, I can’t just let you walk home alone this late at night. I’ll walk you home to make sure no one snatches you up”, but in reality our conversation was too good to stop that soon! We walked to his friends house about 4 blocks down the road when he turns to me and says “well, I can’t just let you walk back home alone this late at night”, so we walked allllllll the way back to the Trap House. Once we got back to my porch, you’ll never guess what happened…. I couldn’t let him leave so I walked him BACK! But this time, we walked each other to the halfway point and the thought of sleep started sounding much better at this point. We finally decided that our conversation could be continued sometime soon so he asked for my number so we could part ways. Me, internally swooning but externally holding it together, told him that he’s going to have to try harder than that and he could add me on Facebook if he was REALLY interested. Fast forward to a few days later and this message pops up in my inbox from him saying “My suddenly protracted cardiac arrhythmia makes me think I’m falling for you” I’m screaming!!!!! So corny, but so cute at the same time.

We talked for a while and I finally thought it was time to give him my number, I mean after all he IS like the man of my dreams. So I gave it a shot. “Oh yeah, did I tell you I’m also writing a book right now?” “No. What about?” “It’s a phone book.. And it’s missing your number.” Mission accomplished.

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how they asked

Oh my word, let me tell you. I still get chills thinking about that day and how much thought he put into every little detail. In all honesty though, I was 50% sad and 50% upset that whole day right up until the second he popped the question. Joe thought it was funny to “fake propose” to me all the time. Which it was funny! But only the first couple of times. Then it started breaking my heart because I was so willing if he had been serious!

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This particular time, he told me that his best friend’s wife, was going to do a free fall photo session with us. I was pumped! And then he threw in “whooo knows, maybe this will be ‘the time’ so you might want to get your nails done just in case.” There was NO way I was falling for it this time. I replied with “nah these nails are med student nails and ain’t nobody got time for that” Somehow, his mom and sister convinced me they were going to be in Tulsa the day before our “fall pictures” and his sister, Courtney, suggested we get our nails done. Seriously, thank God for her and convincing me to do that.

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The day of the fall pictures, I was being a brat the whole day because I thought his continued hints were just jokes like always. We went to the place we had our first date, Rosemary Ridge in Stillwater and our photographer was most definitely not his best friend’s wife!! But I still went along with it because he convinced me his best friends’ wife was off in the distance doing another photo shoot. Either he’s way too persuasive or I’m way too gullible. After a few pictures, the photographer asked us to hang out around the bench while she goes to find other picture spots. Joe, being the thoughtful gentleman he is, got up to get me his jacket from the car. He came back without the jacket, but with something brown in his hand… he sat down, pulled out his tablet, and started playing a video for me. It was a video of him explaining why he loved me and 3 of my closest friends saying how much they love me and how happy they were for Joe and I. The video ends and he pulls out a brown bible with “Amanda Kay Schovanec” engraved on the cover. All I could think was “would he really take a joke this far? Or is he for real about to put a ring on it?”

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He gets down on one knee and pulls out the most beautiful ring! I was so overtaken by my emotions that I don’t think I ever officially said yes, I was too occupied holding in the tears and holding Joe as tight as possible. We walked into the building and both of our friends & families run out to surprise us! I was so perfect. All of our old photos were on display with champagne, food, friends and family! To top it off, Joe and my distant aunt made a beautiful memoir for my cousin Lee who passed away our senior year of high school. There was a bench with his name on it, a photo of him, his old boots and cowboy hat. Joe knew how much Lee meant to me, and I absolutely love how he thought to include Lee in that special day. I vividly remember how badly my cheek muscles hurt from wearing a constant smile the next few hours, but everything was so perfect that it didn’t even matter!

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