Amanda and Jessie

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Robert Truman State Park, NY

How We Met

We met in college. He was always scared to approach me until I friend requested him on facebook. Then we started talking. He asked to go out to dinner and I said no. I had a test that I was studying for. So after my test he asked again and I said yes. He made me shepherd pie. I was so nervous that I stuffed it in my mouth and burnt the roof of my mouth. We talked and then watched a movie. The night ended with him driving me back to campus and doing donuts in the empty parking lot because it had snowed. We kissed goodnight and the next morning I woke up to him calling to see if I wanted to come over for pancakes. 6 years later and here we are! Engaged!

Proposal Ideas Robert Truman State Park, NY

Amanda's Proposal in Robert Truman State Park, NY

How They Asked

Jessie and I love to go camping/hiking. One of our first dates was winter hiking in the Adirondacks. He had my friend send out a group message planning a camping trip. We found a campsite and started hiking at Truman State Park in NY. The trail was steep and there were times where I wanted to turn around but Jessie and my friend insisted that we keep on going. We were almost to the waterfall when we heard a rumble of thunder. The blue sky turned gray and it started raining. Oh well, we were already wet from swimming earlier so we carried on. When we got to the waterfall Jessie and my friend went up ahead while I was taking my time taking pictures.

My friend told me to stand with Jessie and she would take our picture. So she takes a picture and that’s when Jessie got down on his knee. Its pouring rain and I’m so shocked that I don’t think I was breathing. Jessie said it seemed like forever for my answer but it took me seconds to reply yes.

I immediately started crying, my friends are jumping, and a random lady starts screaming and taking pictures of us. Now we had to hike 5 miles down the trail and my legs are shaking with excitement. We kept smiling through the rain. Looking back at the pictures I have from that day, I have a picture of Jessie waiting at the waterfall for me with his hand in his pocket…I should have known but I am glad I didn’t!