Amanda and Jeremy

How We Met

We met 2 years ago when he worked with my best friend. She invited him to our annual New Years Eve Party. We were the only 2 single there that night and by the end of the night, I knew something was there. He spent the entire night helping me cook, making sure no one drank too much and stuff like that.

how they asked

A year and a half after we started dating he started to hint around to proposing, I just never thought it was gonna happen. We spent an entire week on a cruise with my entire family and I figured if he was going to propose anywhere it would be there. But nope. Lol. We always go to Disney (I’m addicted to that park) we do pictures in front of the castle as soon as we get there too! So we did a big group picture (there was 12 of us!) then just one of my nieces and nephew then Jeremy asked if we could do one of just me and him (which we did the day before in another park) so I said sure.

The Disney Photographers have a thing for “magic shots” so when they asked if they could do one I didn’t care. He had us do the typical kissing in front of the castle and just standing there. Then he asked me to move a few steps away and close my eyes, then to turn my body.

When he told me to open my eyes, the love of my life was down on one knee waiting to ask me an important question. I just started crying and couldn’t answer him. Finally, I got a yes out and we went to celebrate!