Amanda and Jeff

Amanda's Proposal in Costa Rica

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend in Atlanta two years ago. Not long after that we moved to Washington, DC and got our first apartment together. We realized pretty quickly that there was something special between us. We share the same values, we enjoy many of the same hobbies, and we always have fun together even if we’re just at home watching TV and eating takeout.

how they asked

For Amanda’s 30th birthday in December 2017, I decided to do “30 for 30” and give her a little gift and handwritten card every day for a month. I think she expected the last gift to be the proposal, and I could sense a slight disappointment when it was just another gift like the others. Little did she know I had it on my mind to pop the question for a few weeks and was planning something much grander for her. One of the birthday gifts I had given her was a trip to Costa Rica over Christmas break. I had the ring with me on the trip and was just waiting for the time to feel right. On New Years Eve, I had the perfect opportunity to pull the trigger. We were on the beach getting ready to ring in 2018, the weather was perfect, everyone on the beach was celebrating, and Amanda was dressed up and looked absolutely stunning. I got down on one knee and asked Amanda to marry me. She said “YES”, and immediately fireworks starting to light up the sky. It was a truly magical evening. We ran into old friends on the beach just by happenstance, and they actually got the entire proposal on video. Everything just fell into place so perfectly to make it a night we will never forget. A couple hours later, Amanda called her mom and she was absolutely ecstatic for us. We both told the rest of our friends and family the next day. Everyone is absolutely thrilled and overjoyed for us. What a fantastic way to end the year and to kick of the New Year!

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