Amanda and Jeff

Amanda and Jeff's Engagement in Grayscale Studios

How We Met

We met at the retail store Kohl’s. It was 1 of the first jobs I had when I moved to Jersey. Jeff had already been working there for quite some time. He saw me from across the store and insisted another co-worker introduce us. At the time I was in a terrible relationship so he became a really good friend and the only person I really wanted to work with. Once things ended with my ex he took a shot and asked me to Chipotle. It’s been history ever since.

How They Asked

As for our engagement, he was telling me for months that we were doing a surprise birthday party for his dad. He even invited my mom and stepdad. He told me to get my nails, hair, & makeup is done. He even helped pick out my dress. The day of the surprise party he said we had to take professional pictures that we would later gift to his dad (which is believable because his mom is big on pictures). His cousin is a photographer so he actually took the pictures for us. His two sisters & their boyfriends went first and they each had a cute little scene involving confetti.

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We were the last to take pictures and I was told to have my back towards him because I’d be turning around and throwing the confetti at him. We did this a couple of times because apparently I’m bad at this. Finally, it was time to go & when I turned around to throw the confetti he was frozen & crying. He got on one knee & I lost it. He had my parents & his parents in the other room watching via FaceTime. He also had 2 out of my 3 brothers brother in law there watching. This whole time I thought we were planning a surprise birthday party when in reality we were planning our engagement/engagement party. I’m truly blessed.

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