Amanda and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I first met in 7th grade history class. His last name starts with an “H” and mine starts with a “G”, so we always ended up sitting near each other due to alphabetical assigned seats. I remember him sneaking his walkman into class to listen to George Lopez stand up comedy. He would be laughing so hard it would disturb the entire class, and me being the sassy 13 year old, would scowl and shush him. He ended up leaving after 7th grade to a private school, while I stayed and went to our local High School. Fast forward about 5 years, I noticed a cute, somewhat familiar face walk in to the gym I worked at. We became Facebook friends, and I built up the courage to message him a few years later to find out if it was the same Jason from school: “Did we go to middle school together?” His reply: “Yeah, I was the chubby kid who sat behind you in Mr.Orlando’s class”. From then on, we started dating. 5 years later we are still going strong, and now choosing to spend the rest of our lives together.

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(circa 2004)

how they asked

Jason and I finally decided to take a trip to Zion National Park, Utah. He planned the entire trip and was preparing me for the hikes we would endure. He told me about the 5 mile, rigorous hike to Angels Landing. I was terrified at the thought of the 1,200 ft. drop off. It was one of the most difficult hikes, but I did it! Little did I know, at the top, I would receive the best surprise of my life.

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P.s. shout out to that man who was meditating the entire time, with his ear phones in, and had no idea what was happening. (lol)

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