Amanda and Jared

Proposal Ideas Navy Pier in Chicago

Jared and I met in Chicago a couple years ago when we were volunteers for our church, and have been obsessed with the city ever since. The food, the people, the architecture, the lake, everything is amazing. After finishing our volunteer work, we moved back home to the west coast and started dating. From the beginning, we knew it was something special. Everything clicked, we were so similar, we were exacly what each other wanted in a future spouse. Neither of us had ever felt so in love as we did with each other. Around the start of this last school year, we were getting bummed out about being stuck in school for the next few months and decided to take a road trip back to the Windy City. At this point we had been talking about marriage for a while and, after Jared told me he wanted to watch the sunrise on my birthday, I suspected a proposal. So the day before I turned 22, when Jared wanted to ride the farris wheel at Navy Pier, I didn’t suspect a thing. We rode around looking at the beautiful buildings and talking about our favorite parts of the city, but then he kept talking about some boat out on the horizon that he wanted me to look at. I was looking for whatever boat be was so set on me looking at, when I turned back around to find Jared on one knee with the most perfect ring. I was so excited that I shoved the ring on my finger and jumped on him. I play a game with a few of my friends called “guess who’s engaged” where we send a zoomed in picture of a ring that we get from Facebook ot Instagram in our group chat, and the rest of us have to guess who the future bride is. When I sent the zoomed in picture of my ring, my friends instantly knew it was mine because it perfectly matched the rings on my Pinterest board. I was so incredibly happy to be engaged to the most perfect man I had ever met. I was going to spend the rest of my life with the guy who makes me happiest girl in the whole world.

Amanda and Jared's Engagement in Navy Pier in Chicago