Amanda and James

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How We Met

We met on James “winked” at me and I was hooked. We chatted on-line and via text for a few weeks until we had our first date. James was injured in a training diving accident for the Army and is in a wheelchair. The regular first date of meeting at a bar or restaurant was going to be a little bit harder for James, so I broke all the rules of on-line dating and met him at his house. He had a lovely dinner waiting for me and we spent the evening sitting by the lake talking. It was a relaxing evening spent getting to know each other. On my way out for the night, I asked James if I could have a kiss goodnight. He said “of course” and we have been together ever since!

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how they asked

James and I have been together for 3 years after meeting online. It was my birthday and we had plans to enjoy the day together. James suggested we take our dogs for a walk at our favorite park before our exciting day of birthday festivities. When we got to the park, we started out on our regular trail. This particular trail has a bridge that we refer to as “Makeout Bridge” because we always stop to share a smooch or three. As we get closer to the bridge, I see roses in the middle of the bridge. When we get directly in front of Makeout Bridge, I see it is covered in roses spelling out “I ❤ U”. James then asks me to climb up on his lap as he can’t get down on one knee (he was injured in a diving training accident for the Army and is in a wheelchair). As I climb onto his lap, he proceeds to say the most beautiful things (none of which I can remember because I was crying) and asks me to marry him! It was a complete surprise and the most beautiful moment. I of course said yes!! I can not wait for all the adventures our life together will bring!

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