Amanda and James

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How We Met

James and I met about five years ago as most couples do, at work. I was working at a local pizzeria and James worked at an Italian deli nearby. I cant remember how long I had a crush on the cute ravioli delivery guy. I would ask the kitchen staff to knock on the window when he arrived then spend hours talking about the minimal contact we made in approximately 3 minutes. Fast forward a few months later to our first real conversation. James was asking me questions about my job, school and a few other topics i cant remember. All I kept giving him was one word answers. Eventually my bosses had about enough of my chatter and told him about my little crush. He gave them his number to pass along to me.

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Of course I was so embarrassed and nervous to text him but specifically told my bosses “tell her not to be shy and just text me”. We began texting back and forth for a couple weeks and finally I had to stop at his job to pick something up for my job. It was super busy but i spotted him right away. He waved me to the front and handed me the order. As soon as I got in the car, I had a text from him. We proceeded to text all day and he asked me to accompany him to his uncle birthday party. I thought this was an odd place to go for the first time together but i thought, what do I have to loose! The rest is history and we’ve been together ever since.

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how they asked

It was a beautiful September day and we were taking my sister and her boyfriend up to the Fire Island Lighthouse. James and I go to the beach so often to just relax and unwind so I didn’t think too much of it. As we make it to the top of the lighthouse, I was too busy taking in the view to notice that everyone was looking up for what was about to be the most incredible moment of my life thus far. Approximately 12 minutes past 3:30 (when the arrival was scheduled) a private starts flying over the lighthouse. I quickly noticed my sister and her boyfriend take out their cell phone and point them at me. In that same second I spotted the banner attached to the plane that read : I LOVE YOU AMANDA! WILL YOU MARRY ME.

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Before I knew what was happening, James was on his knee asking me the most important question I’ve ever been asked. I instantly covered my face because I truly couldn’t believe what was happening. James had to move my hands from my face multiple times. Then he placed the exact ring I’ve always dreamed of on my finger. It was the most incredible moment of my life but it didn’t end there! Both our mothers were waiting for us at the bottom of the lighthouse with champagne. The first stop I wanted to make was to see my grandparents at their house.

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I couldn’t wait to tell them the news! As I walked in their backyard I heard a loud “SURPRISE!” All of our immediate family and closest friends were waiting for us to celebrate. The entire backyard was decorated with pictures of us, balloons, ring pops and other amazing decorations. I was speechless but once again the surprises didn’t stop there.

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James arranged for us to stay out east that night and spend the entire next day at the wineries. At this point I had absolutely no words to describe how I was feeling. This was a dream come true with the man of my dreams. I will never forget this day for the rest of my life.

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