Amanda and Jacob

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How We Met

Jacob and I met at a summer camp in 2007 when we were both 14 years old. I instantly had a crush on him, and it was a secret to absolutely no one. During one of the Friday night dances, he gave me my first kiss! Outside of camp, we tried to make it work between us, but it was extra challenging because we lived in different states about two hours apart, so we were off and on for the next three years. Eventually, I moved across the country for college, and he started a long-term relationship with someone else. I remember seeing that he was listed as “in a relationship” with someone else the same day that I moved into my dorm. I called a mutual friend of ours hysterically crying, and she comforted me by saying, “it’s just a rebound!!” Well, he dated that girl for 8 years, so it was a pretty lengthy rebound haha!

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During the next 10 years, we remained pretty much out of touch. Once in a while, one of us would text the other to say hi and quickly catch up, and when his relationship ended, he reached out to talk about it, but we weren’t exactly close. Right as the whole world was starting to shut down in March 2020, I was ending a different relationship of my own. Out of nowhere, Jacob randomly snapchat video called me, and we talked for hours. On a limb, I decided to go visit him in MA. Once we saw each other, it was like no time had passed at all. By May, I moved out of my apartment in NYC and into his house in the suburbs of Massachusettes!

How They Asked

We decided to start a tradition together of exchanging ornaments on Christmas eve. I was sooo excited to give him mine, but I was convinced he would completely forget about the idea. His family was getting together on Christmas Eve to exchange presents and then our plan was to go to my mom’s house to spend the holiday with her, so I wanted to exchange ornaments before we left. He was so adamant that we wait until I got to my mom’s, which made me think he definitely forgot and was just trying to buy time to figure it out.

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When we got to my mom’s, he suggested exchanging the ornaments but wanted to do it alone. So I gave him mine first and then when it was my turn to open the one from him, it said, “Our First Christmas Engaged.” I was honestly annoyed because I thought he bought the wrong one! But as soon as he got down on one knee, I realized how wrong I was. I was 10000% shocked!! But of course, I said yes :) It’s been 14 years in the making, but I’m finally marrying the first boy I ever kissed <3

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