Amanda and Hunter

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How We Met

Hunter and I met a little over a year ago through a dating app. (Who know they actually work, right??) I had recently moved back home to Chicago from California, and Hunter was a businessman working in the city. We quickly found out we had many connections, including the fact that we were high school rivals for two, very small, private schools. The connection was instant, and we knew very early on that we were going to get married someday.

how they asked

Hunter and I have been dating for a little over a year. The idea of getting engaged and married had been brought up very frequently, but the fact that I didn’t graduate grad school till the spring made us believe that it was best to wait till after graduation. Despite my “subtle” hints that I wanted to get engaged over Christmas break, Hunter convinced me that waiting was the best decision. After my last final before Christmas break, Hunter and I had plans to visit my younger sister in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michigan has always been a second home to my family. Majority of my summers are spent at a cottage on a small inland lake just south of Holland. This cottage holds some of my favorite memories, and has become even more meaningful to my family since my dad passed away 5 years ago.

While Hunter and I were driving to Grand Rapids, I asked if we could make a quick stop at the cottage because it is on the way! Hunter quickly turned me down and drove right past the exit. Frustrated, I asked why he wouldn’t stop and he explained that he was going to surprise my sister and me by taking us to get our nails done and pick out a new outfit to celebrate being on on break. Immediately, I became suspicious of a proposal. However, my mom told me she was in Nashville and I knew Hunter would not propose if my mom was out of town. After a fun night of getting our nails done, shopping, and going out on the town with my younger sister, I woke up the next morning excited to see what other plans she had in store for the weekend. Through a series of planned lies, Hunter and I ended up at a restaurant in Holland, waiting for my sister who was going to meet us at the cottage later that evening.

As soon as we pulled up to our cottage, I saw the entire driveway lined with lights, and our golf cart waiting for us to take us to our “secret pier”, which is hidden in the woods by the lake. As soon as I saw the lights, I knew that he was proposing. Immediately my eyes welled with tears. He got out of the car and told me to follow him, but I was so surprised I felt like I couldn’t move. Finally, getting out of the car, we drove through the lights on the beautifully decorated golf cart, to the pier lined with candles and lights strung through the trees. Standing by the lake in my favorite place in the world, Hunter got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Through my tears, I said yes to the love of my life.

After a couple pictures, kisses, and even more tears, Hunter led me back to the cottage which looked like it was completely empty. When we were almost there, the lights came on and I saw both of our families anxiously waiting to celebrate our engagement! Our parents met us out on the deck to pray over us before we went inside to join the rest of our family. The night ended with games, laughter, and time spent with the people we love most in this world.

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Needless to say, this night was an absolute dream. I said yes to marrying the man that I have been praying for my entire life, and God’s plan for our lives became clear in bringing us together.

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