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how we met

It was my freshman year in college and the hot new thing out was Tinder. Me and a few girlfriends wanted to see what all the rage was about so we downloaded with no intentions of anything, and pretty much used it as a “hot or not” game, ignoring any messages from matches. A few days after we were messing around on the app, and kind of forgetting about it, I got a message. It was different from any other annoying messages received because it was no lame pick-up line, or rude saying, just a “hey, what’s up”. Seemed harmless enough so I checked out his profile one more time and immediately remembered him from our little “hot or not” game because I couldn’t get over how cute I thought he was and knew we’d never match because I figured he was way out of my league. So I responded to his message and we started with the small talk, which led into getting to know each other a little better. After a week of chatting and texting, we figured it was time to meet each other. Knowing this could go one of two ways, we met at lunch time in a public place, so if it got awkward we had an easy way out.

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We met at Panera Bread right off campus, which just so happened to be both of our favorites. We couldn’t help but giggle when we both went to order the exact same thing without ever talking about it. After grabbing our sandwiches, we sat down with a few minutes of silence. He asked me about my day to break the silence and from then on, we sat there and talked about anything and everything we thought of. We thought it had been maybe 45 minutes to an hour, but when we looked at our phones, we realized it had been close to 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. We had both accidentally skipped a class and had multiple texts and missed calls from our friends. Whoops. We knew there was something special immediately. After that, we had spent almost every day together, from a quick meet up on campus for lunch, or studying in the library, and the occasional night out to dinner. We both fall fast for each other and quickly became “that couple” that did absolutely everything together, and have been doing everything together ever since.

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how they asked

After being together for just shy of 3 years, and living together for a little over 2, Heath decided it was time to take the jump and move the relationship to the next step. When he asked my parent’s, they were thrilled to welcome him to the family but asked that he wait until after I graduated from school because they all knew I would stop all focus on school and put all my focus and attention into wedding planning. With Heath taking their suggestion to wait as literal as possible, no less than 30 minutes after I crossed the stage and got my diploma, Heath popped the question. What I thought was a cute photo-op with all of our friends and a “congrats” banner, turned into be one of the best surprises ever. After my mom asked to come check the photo’s to make sure they were “good enough,” I turned around the see Heath on one knee, a proposal banner and a bread tie. Yes, a bread tie.

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From the beginning of our relationship, Heath knew that I had a knack for losing things and had always said that when he proposed he would just use a bread tie, that way if it was lost, it would be easily replaced. Luckily though, Heath knew better and had the most stunning diamond ring in his pocket.

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Two weeks after the proposal, we packed up everything we owned and drove 1800 miles to Connecticut for me to follow my dreams to work in the sports media industry. We are thrilled and can’t wait for our wedding on June 9th, 2017.

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