Amanda and Greg

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How We Met

Greg and I met while we were both working at the nearby hospital. He was in his first year of residency and I was working as a nurse. We had chatted a few times at work and even ran into each other at a local bar one weekend. Not too long after that, he was consulted for one of my patients and he very cleverly figured out a way to slip me his number. And the rest, as they say, is history!

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how they asked

It was a Monday and Greg had been talking about “date night” a few days. We were going to try a new restaurant in town and then go for a walk on the boardwalk near our house. We had a nice dinner on the water and headed home. I wanted to change into comfy clothes but he insisted we “stay fancy”. In hindsight, this should have tipped me off, but I was clueless! We headed up to the boardwalk and Greg suggested we take this little nature walk we’d always seen the signs for but never had a chance to check out. We started walking down the beach pathway and we came upon a heart made of shells in the sand.

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There was a message in a bottle set up next to it and I obviously started to freak out! He told me to open it and inside was a scroll with a message from Greg including our love story and some of our best memories together. I started crying because the words were so beautiful. At first I didn’t notice, but at the bottom it said “Dig Here!” so I dug in the center of the heart and uncovered a shell that said “Will You Marry Me?” and I looked up to see Greg down on one knee!

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I was already so emotional from the message that I started crying even harder and fell into the sand with him. A few seconds later he pointed to our left and there was a photographer capturing the whole thing.

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After spending a few minutes just enjoying the moment, we got to take some beautiful pictures nearby on the beach before we called all of our family and friends with the news! It was truly the most magical moment and night of my life and one I will definitely never forget!

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Special Thanks

Bill McKim
 | Photographer
Brendan Kane
 | Planning