Amanda and Grant

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How We Met

I was celebrating my 23rd birthday with my closest friends. My best friends boyfriend brought his friend over. As soon as I saw him, I asked my friend, “is he single?” He proceeded to buy me a drink at the first bar we went to but then didn’t talk to me until the end of the night. At the last bar, I went up to him and grabbed his hands and talked to him the rest of the night.

How They Asked

Apparently he had been planning this for a month and I had absolutely no idea. I was starting to become disappointed because I didn’t even think he started the process. Then Friday, November 27th came along. We planned on going to the Festival of Lights at Cincinnati Zoo with my parents. This is an annual tradition with my family and the zoo is one of my favorite places. We got a picture in front of the tree and then he grabbed my hands and told me “I love you so much.” My response was “what the hell.” I was so shocked. I dont remember what else he said but he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was such a special moment because it was my favorite place, my parents were there and I was completely surprised. He then planned a surprise party the next day with all of our friends. He surprised me again by bringing my best friend into town whom I never get to see. It was an unforgettable and magical weekend.