Amanda and Garrett

Amanda and Garrett's Engagement in Santa Barbara, CA

How We Met

Garrett and I met through college friends while I was in optometry school 3 years ago. We always hung out in a big group of friends so we knew each other for about 6 months before we even exchanged phone numbers. One day, he challenged me to a Words with Friends competition and he said that whoever lost, had to buy the other person coffee. I ended up losing, so he told me to meet him at this cute hipster restaurant called The Gypsy Den at The Lab Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa, where he treated me to lunch, and then after I bought him his victory coffee. From that very first date, everything came easy with Garrett and I knew that it was the beginning of something special. He was, and still is, such a gentleman. I got multiple flower bouquets at my doorstep after tough weeks of grad school and he literally sent me handmade cards in the mail (so cute, right?).

Proposal Ideas Santa Barbara, CA

how they asked

Since I am in an optometry residency program currently, I work pretty much everyday. So when I finally had a weekend off, Garrett suggested we go up to Santa Barbara to look at apartments since we are planning on moving there in a couple months. We stayed at the cutest hotel, The Goodland, the night before the proposal. After we looked at some apartments, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and relaxing night in at the hotel. Garrett is a photographer, so whenever we are in a fun place, we always end up going out to take pictures so I didn’t think anything of it when he suggested that we wake up early to go take pictures at the beach. The beach he wanted to go to is my favorite beach in Santa Barbara because it is an off leash dog beach, so there are always cute dogs running around everywhere, and there is an amazing restaurant at the beach called The Boathouse, which has the best brunch.

We got there around 8:30am, and started walking down the beach. Since it was early and overcast, there weren’t many people on the beach, so we had the place to ourselves. We found a good spot and Garrett told me to go stand on this rock so he could take some photos of the back of me with the ocean as the backdrop. After he took some pictures, he told me to turn around. I found him on one knee, holding out a little black box with this shiny, beautiful ring in it.

He asked me to marry him and after saying “YES” I couldn’t stop hugging him. He also had the ring engraved with a lyric from our song, “I always knew,” on the inside of the band, which was the sweetest surprise. After the initial shock wore off and we took some more pictures with the ring, we walked back to The Boathouse and celebrated being engaged with mimosas and breakfast!

Special Thanks

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