Amanda and Evan

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How We Met

I met Evan at a very tough point in my life. I got into a terrible car accident in 2016 which totaled my car, left me unable to do much for a while and a lot of back pain. We both played volleyball in college so we’re very competitive souls, and I met him playing at a competitive outdoor league in our hometown. I didn’t like how he was so “confident” and I was still getting over my injuries, so I gave him a piece of my mind that day my team lost. He was still in college and I was busy being a nurse, so we didn’t see each other until a year later. We played together a couple of times in the area, and then became friends. We were both dating other people. When those relationships ended up not working out, he asked me on a date to dinner and brought flowers. We’ve been best friends ever since 😬

How They Asked

For my 29th birthday on 3/26/20, I didn’t expect a whole lot due to being 2 weeks into quarantine for COVID 19. In Wisconsin, the stay at home order came into effect that week, so everything was closed and canceled that we had planned, even our volleyball game we were supposed to play. My sister and brother in law came to visit from New Jersey still, though, which was very special to me. It was raining, so Evan’s plan had to be altered several times due to the current situation.

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They set up a surprise party at Evan’s parents’ house with his family, my small family, and a couple of friends. I was very surprised as it was just supposed to be a casual “birthday dinner.” I was opening a couple of gifts from them, and Evan said he had one more gift for me.

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He took my hand and led me into the garage, which the “29” balloons that were covering the door before were now gone. He opened the door to a beautiful display of lights, flower petals, and a gift on the floor. I started opening it and there’s a volleyball inside with the words “I love you, will you marry me?” I couldn’t even see my eyes filled with tears of joy. Evan was on his knee with a beautiful aquamarine ring in hand.

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As you can see if you watch the video, I didn’t say yes right away because I was waiting for him to say something, but I finally said yes of course! Our family and friends were laughing and had cookies, cake, champagne, gifts, and flowers to celebrate. One of the greatest days of our lives thus far! We are so lucky! 💍

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