Amanda and Evan

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How We Met

Evan and I met like most modern fairytales, on a dating app. I had just moved to Nashville, TN, and was swiping away when I found who I thought looked like a Luke Bryan look-alike #heartthrob. We started talking and I loved how funny he was.

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I didn’t realize it until after that he was a double amputee (from a motorcycle accident years prior), still not waivered by this fact. I decided to go out on one date and figured, worse case I have a new friend. Low and behold, we had an instant connection.

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How They Asked

A while passed and we had our son, Lucah James- who was born on Evan’s father’s birthday and also the day he was killed. (He was hit by a driver while he was riding his bicycle). COVID hit shortly after, but he kept going out every now and then and telling me not to worry, that he has an appointment.

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A few weeks later we went to my hometown in Delray Beach, FL to celebrate with friends and family for the Fourth of July. He took me out to my favorite restaurant, DaDa’s and we had a wonderful time, talking about how much fun we’ve had, how much we love Lucah and each other when he finally says “I don’t know how to tell you this, (queue, my anxiety) but your family is in downtown square.” I thought “ok?”

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Well, we decided to go meet up with them, and he had the whole downtown stage set up with flowers made into a heart, Bruno Mars playing in the background, and my whole family to witness it. He got down on one knee and proposed. Later I found out that where he was going was to get the ring designed and days when I would be gone running errands, he was actually practicing on how to get down one knee. Obviously I said yes to my Luke Bryan look alike and we are set to get married this February.

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Special Thanks

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